Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Rogue trader. John ConnORK. The saviour of Ork kind.

This whole post is inspired by this post. It literally had my brain working over time!

Ever since buying the original Rouge Trader rule book last year I have been thinking through some of my favourate sci-fi films (E.T., The day of the Triffids, Jurrasic park, Village of the damned, Aliens, The thing from another world, THEM and of course Terminator) and thinking how they can be given a 40K twist. 

Then Sho3box (who is in my blog list, please check him out his stuff is brilliant) posted this and it resonated with me. 

Recently I was sorting through some Ork bits and pulled this fella out.

John Connork

This Ork was actually a freebie from ebay. I had bought a load of stuff from a fella from ebay (this was last year before my miniature embargo) and he was kind enough to send me the few bits I had not bid on as well in order to clear the lot. What a lovely gesture.

I originally pulled him out to as something to slap some paint on to get my eye in when the 'Brain Boyz' blog post flashed to the fore of my mind and SUDDENLY.......

He is John ConnORK, sprog of the deranged Ork maiden Sarah ConnORK. Raised to believe he would lead the remnants of the Ork race to freedom after "the rise of the Brain Boyz" in the future orkpocolypse. He was trained from birth in both the ways of the Mek boyz and Tankbusters to lead this revolution.

This all come crashing down when his mother was commited to a mental aslyum (and thats saying something for an ork!!!) for trying to destroy the shanty town of 'Runtville', home of the "renowned" (i.e. bonkers), Runt herder 'Cyber grind cistern' and the surrounding fungus caves.

Since that time he has been plying his trade among the roving bands of the "Rad lands" of Newvada earning a few teef where he can.

As always Orks come in hordes and the fella below was also pulled out of the lead pile. Once again another freebie from the same ebay fella. Originally this fella was just a torso but a couple of arms out of the bits box and we are golden!

As soon as I started slapping paint on this fella, the paint just started to flow. LOVED painting this fella. It had bags of personality. I have no idea who the sculpter was or from what era but my word what a cracking job!

The fella below was the only actual Ork I payed for! It's a tank buster I had my eye on for my 'Vulture warriors from dimension X'.

Again another cracking sculpt and a pleasure to paint!

3 more down, 371 to go!

Here are some more porn shots from a lovely morning of painting in the sunshine.

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