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Mordheim, Game 9. Black Market Clash

A quick smash and grab they had said!

The vampires would be too busy digging up fresh corpses after their mauling by the Witch hunter to notice they had said!

And even if they did notice, they would be too weak after their last battle to pose any threat they had said!

Well BOLLORKS to them and their opinions! as they were not the ones standing here preparing to hold back an entire undead horde with only Grim to help!

So this photo was inspired by........

this cover. Which in turn was inspired by .......

this photo!
I was due a game against Denny as we had not met since week two and I was interested to see how both our warbands had progressed since that time.

I win the roll so I will be making a foray into the quayside which is a Vampire controlled area, the added bonus is if I win the game I win the territory.

Then the nightmare begins, we roll for scenario and I roll up scenario 9, surprise attack. Then I really screw up and decide to be the attacker without reading the scenario. Once the special rules are read I realise I have REALLY shot my self in the foot.

I have to roll for each member of my Warband and they only take the field of a 4+. And then to add salt to the wounds I can only deploy my figures more then 8" from each other. THEN to really add a sense of jeopardy I find out which table edge Denny enters after deployment AND it is randomly generated!

I really need Denny to roll a 1 (the opposite table edge) so of course he rolls a 4 and will appear in FULL force on my right flank.

Man this is going to be tough!



This results in me finding myself in the following precarious position.........

"Here doggy, doggy, doggy. Heel!"

No surprise turn one and Denny crashes in with his Dire wolves to mob both Grim and Red. They make a swing of it but Grim is stunned by the Vampire before being curb stomped by a dire wolf. Red lasts long enough to see his  brother in arms' death wish fulfilled before he is knocked unconscious.

If that's not bad enough Neil tries to introduce a rule about fireballs setting buildings on fire. REALLY Neil ....... REALLY!!!! Don't I have enough of an uphill swim already!

The only good news is Spook and Jeffery Archer get to drop a Dreg with missile fire and Bob and Shinobi Joe get to bolt out of sight to stop any charges against them next turn. 

"Thou grim King of Terrors; thou lifes gloomy foe! Go frighten the coward and slave: Go teach them to tremble, fell tyrant! but know no terrors hast thou to the brave"

Turn two and a series of 4+ rolls sees the majority of my remaining warband turn up as reinforcements and appear in Denny's rear (oo er misses).

Arnold goes charging in with Cairo and Full Skin Willy in close support. Crazy Joe takes a pop at a zombie with his pistols.

The Vampire continues his one man rampage  and charges into the nearest tower to rip Spook a new arsehole. I was in two minds about Spook performing his party trick and dive charging him off the tower in turn one but thought he would be isolated and curb stomped in the retaliation so decided against this but that ended up happening anyway! I guess fortune favors the brave!

Despite his four attacks and mighty blow skill Arnold fails to score a single wound despite only needing to roll 2+.  He will be on half rations this week!

Shinobi Joe decides to go full Ninja and ........ HIDES. 'Bob' decides that's a good idea and hides until the cavalry arrive.

Jeffery Archer plugs the feasting Vampire lord between the shoulder blades with his crossbow but his joy is short lived as it seems its best to let sleeping dogs lie as the Vampire slowly turns with the bolt protruding from his back and fixes Jeffery with his steely gaze before launching himself across the gap to leap onto the opposite tower.

And then in a series of rolls ONLY Denny could fail, Denny needs to roll five or under to leap the gap between the towers, so rolls a SIX, and plummets to the ground suffering a strength 6 hit. Denny then makes an injury roll of a SIX to take himself out of the game!!!!!!!

We all imagine Jeffery Archer slowly opening his eyes to gaze down at a vampire shaped hole in the ground in disbelief.

This guy really was sculpted under a lucky star!

Once the dust has settled from this extraordinary series of events I have to wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes to really assess the situation.

The truth is several of my Warband are dangerously isolated and at risk of being mobbed and ...

my reinforcements have failed to blitz through Dennys zombies and despite scoring several knockdowns do not look like finishing off the combat any time soon.

With five heroes still alive and kicking I decide to throw in the towel and escape with however many wyrdstones I have managed to pillage.

Had I been defending my own territory I probably would have hung in there longer but I have not lost any territory and I am happy to escape with five out of six heroes, to reap as much wyrdstone as possible.

Despite gaining lots of experience and some really good upgrades the post game injury rolls prove a sad occasion with a roll of 14 for Grim meaning he finally gets to join his ancestors with his honour regained.

That's FIVE dead members in NINE games!

Maybe I should take an undead warband next time!

I am seriously going to create a graveyard terrain piece with graves for all my departed. I need to make sure I have plenty of spare room if it gets finished before the campaign ends.

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