Friday, 6 June 2014

Warmachine Talon. 4 points of scrappiness

So I have painted my first War jack this week.

Decided on a Talon. I have used one several times and the scrappy little bastard has hung in there against much bigger opponents and lasted the game every time so it was an obvious first choice for me.

Due to the Jack only having one or two damage boxes left by the end of each of the games I have played with one I have decided to paint plenty of battle damage on it.

I have always thought Cylons were cool so it was an obvious choice when it come to painting the "eye". I drilled a couple of bullet holes into the hull and cut marks into the shield as he normally ends up in close combat with much bigger opponents.

The pearlescent effect was created by applying a couple of washes of GW purple ink over a coat of GW iron breaker. I went with the purple without realising it is the colour of the Highborn covenant. I just figured Cygnar are blue, Khador are red, mercenaries will fight for both. Blue mixed with red is purple!

Cycling in London I spend a lot of time staring at this!
So it was a natural choice when it come to the markings for the War jack Bases.

The black and yellow stripes for the Jack's extremities give the Jacks a more industrial vibe as I felt they were too "pretty" without them.

I made the shield particularly battered and scratched. I also painted a bloody hand print on the shield as I charged a unit of Skorne praetorians and I could imagine one of them putting their hand up to ward off the charge!

Each of my Jacks will be named. This fella is called "Jack the Jibber" (after Jack the Ripper). Jibbing is a term we use in Filipino martial arts for stabbing someone.

It took some doing but I finally managed to paint the pressure gauges onto the back of the Jack.

Seeing as I will be fielding less then a dozen figures in most battles I have decided to go to town on my Warmachine Faction rather then bulk paint like my Warhammer Fantasy army.

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