Saturday, 28 June 2014

Painting inspiration. Getting a wiggle on!

A couple of fellas at the MEGC were asking me how I am managing to pump out the mini's so consistently?
Especially with regards to the "4 Gamers".

I honestly think part of it is my "painting shelf".

Pendrake, 2 mages, a knight and a command group are the current priorities!

Basically it is a small shelf I have set up in the kitchen with my priority "work in progress" minis and some of my better examples of painting on.

Be warned having minis this close to booze is NEVER a good idea

I have deliberately set it up in the glasses and drinks cupboard so everytime I go to get my self a drink I am reminded what I need to get through. 

It acts as a real spur, as I now get to regularly look at nearly completed works in progress (so close the little voice says......... so close) and it is nice to see the number slowly diminish as the minis are completed and stored in the relevant KR case.

The two big dangers!

One is having nearly completed minis REAL close to booze. I have caught myself a couple of times, worse for wear from booze and reaching for a 90% complete mini and thinking "I could just give that a quick 10 minutes now!" (God knows what the results would have been), and 

Two the Misses cottoning on to just how many minis are being cycled through that shelf. (Thankfully at the moment they all look the same to her!).

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