Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Power tools and 28mm hobbying. How it should be!

Today I am a man!

Power tools............... Check
Metal Ruler............... Check
Hammer.................... Check
Blood Bowl pitch...... Eh Check?

So I've had this crazy idea bubbling about, pretty much since Christmas. 

If I have two Blood Bowl teams (I do now), I REALLY need a stadium for them to play in. Don't I?

The answer is YES!

So I have a bit of down time at work as the year 11's have left and we are in the process of moving schools so all the old tut is up for grabs, including all the wood etc in the CDT dept.

A quick word with James who runs the dept and a couple of funny looks on his behalf  "James I want to build a 28mm scale stadium so a team of Orcs and Humans can play a game of Bloodbowl on a 6 foot gaming board! Whats so hard to understand!" and we are golden. 

Time to break out the power tools and the PVA glue.

I have played around with a couple of ideas and like the look of this

The idea is, its a shared stadium between the Orcs and humans.

The Orc side will retain most of the original features of the original Bloodbowl Stadium which has stood there for millennia.

The other half will be the Human half and has been built on and updated up to the Victorian age.

The hope is I can magnetise most of the terrain bits and be able to use them for other battles. It will certainly make things cheaper.

Anyway back to the build.............

The original idea was to have the whole thing fold away and place the terrain bits in the middle for transportation. It was soon more then evident that I did not have the 
1) skills, 
2) patience, or 
3) time frame (the whole room gets cleared out in 3 weeks!), to pull this off.

Plan B then, Build the Stadium onto the base board and then construct a lid with handles to go over the top.
Job done!

OHHHH....Tools! and a brass and wood scrappy thing
So all the bits were cut to size using one of these.........

yes its a Bandsaw. Man points mounting!
Which I then had to use this.......

electric sander....... more man points!
to sand down the bits and get them square.

You know the old adage. Measure 3 times and cut once. In goes the board again and it's looking good.

Next job, construct the lid. The idea is to use toggle latches to clip the whole thing together for transport and use KR foam trays or simular to place the terrain bits inside as well.

Also got to make extensive use of this. Safety goggles were compulsery.

Blow me. It actually fits!!!!!

Not bad for a days work! Just need to get hold of some toggle latches and handles and then the case is finished. Of course then there is the fact I have to build the whole stadium.

How hard can it be!

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