Sunday, 15 June 2014

Warhammer Empire 1500 points. Work in progress

Once again was up early this morning with the boy so set out my 1500 points to have a look at the army on mass.

Only a spearman command group, 7 hand gunners and a knight to go.

If I get time I will paint up a base for the cannon and a nice surprise for the other generals of the 4 gamers.

Heres Big Bertha the camps cannon (named after the camp prostitute), and the boom town rats.

9 of my 16 gunners done (don't look at the back rank0

could it be time for another rank filler?

Only the spearmen command group to go.

Would you charge these nut cases?

And once again the boys on mass.

And how it all looked a month ago

I am LOVING the "4 Gamers"

So close to finishing.................. So close

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