Friday, 2 August 2019

Answering the Warcry!

So with War Cry being released this Saturday (WA HOO!!!!!!) I decided to dig into my grey shame and see what warbands I could muster to play with along side the starter sets.

First up I dug into my Stormcasts.

Apparently you can only use 'Vanguard' units but my gaming group love a proxy ;0)

Next up the Nighthaunts.

Like the Stormcasts above they are a combination of Shadespire Warbands and 'easy to build kits'.

It would also appear I have somehow built up a small Storm Cast army.

If I make a big enough dent into my grey shame this year I might buy myself some sort of Stormcast leader model. . . . . Time will tell.

I also made a start on some bases for the Warcry models in the starter set.

Warcry tomorrow and BOYL on Sunday. A big hobby weekend is coming. I am so spoilt!!


  1. Cool. Enjoy BOYL, I'll be waiting for pics! :D

    1. not many pics but the day looked great

  2. These are fantastic. Glad I got a chance to meet you at Boyl. Hope to see you next year!

    1. Thanks man it was great to shake hands and speak again


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