Sunday, 19 May 2019

Saturday Night Fights; Shadespire

After the break last week I threw up the bat signal for last Saturday.

Shaggy and Lee answered the call to arms.

Game one saw Lee and Shaggy throw down while I made the teas.

Lee went for the elongated board set up which slowed down the first phase . . . .

But when the warbands made contact there was carnage!

Despite Shaggy leading the whole game Lee managed to force the draw with  the final reveal of his objective cards.

Game two saw me give my 'Fiends' a run out.

Once again Lee sat back and I was a little disappointed with how the Fiends lack punch.

I had also made my deck too 'situational' with a lot of my reaction cards needing kills to fuel.

Magore tried to make a run of it at the end but Lee took the game with ease.

With three of us in attendance we decided to venture back into the 'Dark Castle'.

No 'voice acting' this time as I was sober but I am really enjoying this game.

The second game was hilarious with us each pushing each other through doors and seeing what we had thrown them into!

I have also talked the other two into signing up for another 'Path to Glory' campaign.

Hopefully the tweaks to the rules will see more balanced games.

I managed to roll up this bunch of killers.

Campaign kicks off in two weeks time so I should have them all painted up by then.


  1. I like the look of Dark castle, may have to find out more. Is it like Four against the Darkness?

    1. Never played that game. It very much reminds me of the Steven Jackson 'Fighting fantasy' books.

      It plays really well.

  2. @Darryl Hunt the core box which we played is a 1-4 player co op game. As a team you decided who tuns the card over next so no real turns.. In our case who can we push through the door first...
    It is a really good game and quick to pick up. Worth a try.


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