Monday, 14 May 2018

The ballard of the Green Knight. 1800 point WHF battle report

Sorry for the long gap between posts but there is a lot going on behind the scenes at Riotville and I missed the games last week at Lano's due to spending most of the Bank holiday weekend drunk in the sunshine!

Anyway back to business!
With Lano away in Brighton this weekend Lee and I met up at our favorite alternate venue, the IWG club and as always when we go there the sun was shining.

We agree on 1800 points and I have a lovely surprise when Lee deploys 1800 points of beautifully painted Bretonians!

The field is set.

Once again Lee goes for a heavy left flank.

I decide to go with a heavy right flank to counter this.

First things first . . . . Vanguard.

Mon dieu!!
In my turn one my forces of Chaos advance aggressively, I try to make a dent into the Knights with my 'Lore of Metal' spells but these are dispelled by Lee.

Lee's turn one and his Knights sound the charge!!

Turn two and 'Chunk' says 'bonjour' to the Bretonnian archers.

Sacre blue!!
Lee's turn two and his reformed Knights charge into my Warriors of Chaos with the Grail Knights in support!!

Baise toi

I close my eyes as Lee rolls his boosted attack die . . . . .

But the Chaos gods are smiling on the boys today and the massed charge pretty much just bounces off my block of Warriors with minimal damage!

In the centre the 'Green Knight' magically appears and kills Chunk.

The retribution for the death of Chunk in swift and brutal!

My Knights wipe out the closest unit of archers and the other unit of Bretonian's flee for their lives.

Over on the right I unleash both Chariots into the battling Knights.

Chunk will be avenged!!

Fueled by the loss of Chunk the Chaos Warriors and Gorebeast Chariots rip into the flower of the Bretonnian cavalry.

The knights are cut down as they turn to flee but the Grail Knights make good on their escape by fleeing through and panicking a nearby unit of Men at arms!

With his centre wiped out and the majority of his army fleeing I fully expected Lee to extend his hand and congratulate me on my victory. . . . . Instead he reaches for his dice.

If you look closely at the tower you will see the banner of the magically appearing Green Knight!

viva la Bretonnia!
The 'terror' inducing Green Knight declares a charge against my massive block of Chaos Warriors and they have to take a moral check . . . . . . . . . Which they fail .  . . . . . but it's OK because I have a BSB and leadership of 8. . . . . . .

YEP! Rolled NINE!!!!!!!!!

As my warriors panic and break into a rout Lee rolls super high on his charge roll and catches the unit as they flee and wipes out the lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee literally does a little dance at this point and is beaming from ear to ear!!

I am trying my hardest not to swear!

To rub salt into the wounds the Green Knight over runs into the Gorebeast Chariot.

The heroic charge of the Green Knight completely swings the outcome of the battle and with no magical weapons and Lee unable to close the distance to charge my forces before the sixth turn the game ends in a Mexican stand off.

And so begins the Ballard of the Green Knight for our summer offensive!

By the end of the sixth turn I had come to terms with this outrageous swing in my fortunes and it is completely within the fluff (and theme) of the Warhammer world that a heroic character should appear at the darkest moment in an armies fortune and save the day!

Viva La Brettonia. Viva La Green Knight!!!

With time to spare Lee and I reached for our Shadespire cards to have a quick throwdown in the mirrored city.

This would turn into a real back and forward affair with us both neck and neck on glory throughout the game.

Lee was much more aggressive this game and it was only due to my tanking my Warden up on wounds that saved his bacon.

It was only the final reveal of the objective cards that saw me walk away the winner ten glory to seven!

Even that could not wipe the smile off Lee's face after the heroic action of his Green Knight!!


  1. Welcome back mate....I have to sort out my shadespire stuff...

    1. Cheers man . . . . . and yes you do!

  2. Jesus Christ.... I hate that green knight... My Wood Elves didn't know what hit them!!

    1. It might have been Jesus. He had his visor down so I could not see his face ;0)
      If the bloke had walked on water I would not have been surprised!

  3. Never liked playing the Green Knight either, in a tournament he once held up an entire horde of black orcs, heroic yes, right noooooo

    1. So we all agree, the Green Knight is a dick? ;0)


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