Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Ogres Vs Tinned food. 2000 point WHF throw down

With the Warriors of Chaos vanquished by the Green Knight last battle my Ogres decided to show the Chaos Warriors how it should be done and invaded the Imperial lands to draw out Lee's force of Bretonnians.

The Bretonnians could not stand this stain against their honour and took the field again to vanquish this new threat.

How would my Ogres like tinned food?

The field is set.

With the Bretonnians praying, my Ogres surge forward!

I hope the bloody great Stonehorn will grab Lee's atttention and allow the rest of my force to race forward uncontested.

The Green Knight appears!

I had hoped this would try to slow down my Stonehorn but I had a surprise up my sleeve just in case this happened.

Despite the volleys of arrow fire the Stonehorn only takes a single wound and smashes the trebuchet to pieces when it charges!

This forces a unit of Knights to redploy to take care of the Stonehorn rampaging up his left flank.

This leaves his Grail Knights charging forward unsupported.

Can't lie, that was the hope.

My Slaughtermaster issues a Challenge to the Green Knight .

A combination of wounds inflicted and combat resolution sees the Green Knight vanish. . . . .

. . . . . only to see him reappear in support of the Charging Knights on my right flank!!

My second unit of Ironguts stay in the fight thanks to a combination of 'Troll guts' and 'Spinemarrow'.

My Hunter with his pack of Sabretusks finally get around the flank of the Bretonnians and start to cause havoc!

In a round of ferocious combat my Ironguts manage to hack down both units of Knights as well as vanquish the Green Knight a second time!

Time to rename them the 'Can Openers' ;0)

The only downer is my Hunter fleeing from the peasant, men at arms. 

The Ogres encircle the remnants of the Bretonnian forces.

Can the Green Knight reappear and save the day again?

Unwilling to wait and see, my Orge Bulls and Bruiser smash into the Bowmen holding the hill. Can my Ogres destroy this last toe hold before the Green Knight appears?

The Green Knight finally appears but with this being turn six he does not have time to save the day!

This would see the Ogres take the victory by quite a margin AND win bragging rights over the Warriors of Chaos!

Over on the second table Lano and Phil litterally ripped the faces off of each other in an absolute bloodbath of a battle!

I'm not a rascist but I really struggled to tell the forces apart, they all look the same to me ;0)

By the end of the final turn less then 15 models remained on the field and is a testament to the ferocity of this battle!

When the final tally was taken Lano was declaired the winner via the majortiy of his hero's surviving the battle!

Phil played his socks off on this one as this was against Lano's 'A list' which none of the rest of us have even managed to make a dent in yet!

Could Phil have worked out the blue print to bring the Wood elves to their knees?

Here is how the map looks at the end of this first season.

Phil = Purple, Lee = White, Lano = Green, Macca = Black, Me = Blue


  1. Mmmm, knights! Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside! :D

  2. Great victory, the Stonehorn really was a distraction, but the Green Knight always popping up .....aaaahh! Well played Riot :-)


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