Monday, 21 May 2018

Moral victories count . . . . 2000 point WHF battle report.

Despite my best efforts I had ended up contesting a tile with Lano for this weeks game in our summer offensive.

I can only imagine the smile on the 'Smiling assassin's' face as he was texting me to tell me the news!

Thankfully Lano had decided to show me some mercy after our last game and brought a Dryad army list (or he was worried no one would play him in the future ;0)).

I manage to win first turn and advance aggressively. I have no idea what shernanigans this army holds but I wanted to be up close and personal ASAP.

First magic phase and . . . . . yep. Rolled a miscast with the first spell!

Which leads to a calamitous detonation!

Thankfully the next dice spike sees me make a ton of ward saves and only 5 chaos Warriors disappear. The Wizard also saves himself from being sucked into the warp!

Thankfully the spell I do get off destroys the 'Treeman ancient' due to the Lore of Metal spells being flaming attacks and the tree being 'flammable'.

It also turns out this was Lano's beatstick and the only character really capable of ripping through my Chaos Warriors.

WOW! I'm a tactical genius and I didn't even know it!

It also made me smile when I found out Lano had been up late last night sticking the thing together for todays game ;0)

As is the plan I get my Warriors into action as quick as possible so they can get the damage done before them are whittled down.

My Warriors of Nurgle (proxied by my Beastmen) advance to engage the second unit of Dryads.

It made me laugh that the Beastman in the front looks like he is trying to peer through the forest!!
My Chaos Knights also crash into battle.

I try to take a toll with the 'Lore of Nurgle' spells but Lano nullifies my efforts.

After playing 'kiss chase' for most of the battle my Warhounds finally catch the Elf skirmishers . . . . and then finds out how bloody powerful they are!

This is not going to go well!
My Nurgle warriors finally make contact!

After a couple of turns of grind I finally break the Dryads. Lano is 'flying by the seat of his pants' with this army and cannot take a BSB!

Lano starts to 'focus down on my more vulnerable Wizard!

Thankfully the giant, tree thing can't get hold of him!

But it does make it into my chariot!

Unfortunately for me 'Chunk' does not roll high enough to make contact with the other Skirmishers and ends up looking like a pin cushion!

Fueled to fury at the loss of 'Chunk', their mascot, the forces of Chaos go nuts!!

Now you see them . . . .
Now you don't!!
The Nurgle Warriors advance.

"This way lads"
In the final throes of the game everything just tries to murder everything else!!

Unfortunately it is at this point that I realize my Nurgle Wizard MUST issue a challenge to the giant tree thing!!

It went a little some thing like this . . . . .

Especially when Lano's tree thing just 'thunder stomped' my Wizard into the ground at the end of the combat!!

Where's 'e gone!!
When the points were totaled up at the end of the game there was only 70 points in it and the game was declared a draw but I am taking the moral victory on his one ;0)

I wanted to thank Lano for being a Gentleman and bringing a list that was competitive but did not blast me off the table in two turns. I don't mind a kick in the nuts to keep me humble. . . but just not every week!

Over on the other table Lee's Empire was clashing with Phil's Dark Elves.

This would see two highly mobile forces clash in a real 'cut and thrust' affair!

Lee gave Phil a taste of his own medicine when his hard riding 'Pistoliers'  caused absolute chaos in the Elven ranks.

This battle would see Lee walk away the winner!

Roll on next week!!


  1. Excellent, I have to admit playing a good old game of Warhammer the other WE really brought back fond memories. There is a certain pleasure only this game can bring. ^^

    1. It really is my game of choice. I think it helps that the fellas I play with are cut throat but still Gentlemen.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Excellent game, great to see some one playing an all "wood" army, one of my favourites, cheers Riot and well played :-)

    1. As soon as decided i was playing Wood Elves, an all Tree Army was high on my priority list! This was before i found out i didn't have access to BSB and any other Lore of Magic other than Life!

    2. It was a brave choice mate but you have the super brain to pull it off!

      Daxio I just like that they burn!!!!


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