Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Inq28 . . 1 to 1 Scale! Grant museum of Zoology London.

Just wanted to share a little secret with anyone visiting or living in London who wants some Inq28 inspiration or just a cool place to visit.

This weekend after a long absence I finally revisited the 'Grant Museum of Zoology'.

Growing up in the 70's and 80's, as a kid  I always had a thing for women like this. . . . .

Evil Lyn
Princess Aura
So I suppose it was no surprise that when I grew up women like this would catch my eye. . . .

Now girls like this tended to be into the macabre  . . . . and this was where a date to the Grant museum of Zoology would earn me Brownie points.

The Grant museum is about 190 years old and is situated in the Rockefeller building at 21 University street WC1.

It is free to enter and is one of London's best kept secrets. It is a 5 minute walk from the much more congested and famous British museum.

This is rush hour on a Saturday when it was pouring down outside!!
Of course all I can see when I walk in now is a life size, 40K Inquisitor office with all the xenos species on display!

Greater Deamon of Khorne?

There are also various embalmed samples and dissections on display but I will only post the one photo here as they will not be to everyone's taste.

Well worth a visit if your not squeamish!

Two non-squeamish, future, Inquisitors? 


  1. My son would go gaga over that place. (I would too.)

    Great pics!

  2. Can't believe I've never heard of it, cheers for posting Riot, dead interesting(sorry) :-)

    1. It is one of London's best kept secrets. We walked past the British museum to get there and people were literally queuing round the block to get in there! P.S. never apologise for a bad pun ;0)

  3. Very cool! The surgical museum is also very good.

    1. I agree both the 'Royal College of Surgeons Museum' and 'The old operating theatre' are well a visit. The Last Tuesday Society / Viktor Wynd's Museum of Curiosities is also well worth your time.


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