Saturday, 6 January 2018

2018 first quarter resolutions

Last year I found it really useful to set myself 'quarterly' targets.

For example last year the first quarter of 2017 was dedicated to getting 1850 points of Ogres ready for Riotville LIVE! and the start of the 'Blood in the Badlands campaign'.

There was also a side target set of getting a Chaos warband painted up for 'Path to glory'

Riotville LIVE! turned out to be a absolute blast and gave me real incentive to get my Ogres ready for the Badlands.

Unfortunately 'Path to Glory' never took off, but these things happen.

The second and third quarters of 2017 were dedicated to the 'Blood in the Badlands' campaign as well as 'Legends of the Old West'.

'Blood in the Badlands' turned into and ABSOLUTE epic and possibly my favourate ever thing I have done in gaming!

'Legends of the Old West' arrived completely out of left field for me but what a lovely surprise!

The final quarter of 2017 was almost completely dedicated to Shadespire and I also dabbled with completing various projects I had nearly finished.

Now only the first quarter targets were set at the end of 2016 so it allowed me to set specific targets rather then 'paint more miniatures' or 'paint all my Ogres' as I would find them too vague or daunting.

So 2018 first quarter targets are;
  • Finish up 1800 points of Beastmen for Riotville LIVE in March. Thankfully due to the kindness of a fellow gamer, (Lee) and a moment of weakness on eBay (me), I only have 36 miniatures to paint. 
  • Cobble together a warband for a Shadow Wars day I have planned with Shaggy for the Feb half term.
  • My first 3 entires for my 'year of puns' challenge (Slannuary, Dredduary and [M]arch).
Here goes nothing!!


  1. Excellent, always good to know where you're going, will keep checking on your progress :-)

    1. Thanks man. Your feedback is always welcome.

  2. Good luck bud, as someone who fails with goals I hope you at better at it than me :)

    1. Cheers man. I did ok last year so fingers crossed. Just realised I have bought a Beastmen off you on eBay . . . . small world ;0)

  3. Well I have been making loads of terrian for shadow will be up soon...also I am deciding on a few war bands or just use my death guard..
    Another project now is shadespire (still got to build them) and if I can make the 4th of March I need to get on and paint my dwarves...sooo many to piant 😩

    1. Do work son!!

      Sould have a few bits of scatter terrain to contribute to the 'Shadow wars table' to.

      Your army does not need to be painted for Riotville LIVE! 2018 but the house rule is painted units have 'hatred' against unpainted units ;0)


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