Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Warhammer Fantasy. Ogres Vs Chaos 2500 point throwdown!

Last Sunday saw Lee and I cross swords over a game of WHF 8th edition.

Lee had a 2500 point chaos list written up so that's what we threw down with.

Battle report after the break . . . . .
The armies deployed on Lano's 6' X 4' table.

I had decided to try something different and went with an Ogre gunline.

First turn and Lee's cavalry rush forward to threaten my flank.

Being a Khornite force Lee pushes his centre forward aggressively.

The Chaos hounds bound forward and stop an inch in front of my 'shooty' units!

I decide to hold my line and use my Firebelly to wipe out Lee's hounds with magic. This will hopefully clear the way for my Leadbelchers to blast away at the real Chaos threats.

Unfortunately both units of Hounds survive my first turn.

My poor Gnobblars march into the jaws of  death and plonk themselves in front of the Khorne charge . . . . . .

I will miss those little fellas!!!!!

The Chaos forces boil through the Gnobblars but thankfully their overrun stops an inch short of my Ogre bulls!

The Chaos hounds are finally gunned down and I bring my guns to bear on the Chaos forces in the center.

I decide the Chaos Chariot with the BSB is the prime target but fail to finish it off despite the concentrated fire.

Lee declines to charge his General into my Ironguts and instead targets my Leadbelchers . . . . Can't say I blame him ;0)

The Manticore and General rip into my Leadbelchers and only a roll of three or less will keep them in the fight . . . . . Yep rolled a three!

During my turn Lee continues to rip into the Leadbelchers but another roll of four keeps them in the fight!!

This gives my Ironguts time to reform and line up a charge next turn.

Then disaster strikes!!

I decide to flee  my Ogre Bulls from the Chaos Knights on the flank. The plan is they will rally next turn and dissuade Lee from committing his Chaos forces in the center. . . .

. . . . This leaves Lee needing a roll of at least ten to complete the charge. . . . .
YEP rolls the ten and his Knights rundown and massacre my Ogre Bulls!!

This leaves Lee free to commit his Warriors against my Tyrant and his Maneater bodyguard.

Lee also commits his Giant and Chariot to the destruction of my Leadbelchers!

With the Ironguts back turned Lee finally brings his Marauder's forward.

My Leadbelchers finally have enough and flee the battle field.

Now it's my Irongut's turn to get busy and they crash in on the Chaos General!

While the Chaos Knights are gloating about their massacre of the Ogre Bulls they hear the ominous sound of a Ironblaster being primed for firing. . . .

Over on the left my Ironguts rip the Manticore the shreds but fail to penetrate the magical armour of the Chaos General.

Thankfully I keep my cool and 'combat reform' to stop the Chaos Giant charging into their flank.

My Ironblaster blasts into the still celebrating Chaos Knights and absolutely decimates them!!

Lee's turn and suddenly the lone Chaos Knight is undecided about charging the lowly Gnobblars . . .

. . . Which is not surprising as when Lee finally pulls the trigger his Knight fails it's 'dangerous terrain' test and is teabagged by the Gnobblars ;0)

My Tyrant and his surviving Maneaters finally rip through Lee's Chaos warriors and turn their attention to the Chaos forces on my left flank.

Despite massive casualties last turn after the attacks by the chariot and Giant the Ironguts managed to pass a panic test on a THREE and stayed in the combat.

Unfortunately the Chaos Giant kept 'yelling and bawling' which stopped my Ironguts getting their retribution in.

To add salt to the wounds the Chaos Marauders charge into their rear!

This proves the final straw and the Ironguts REALLY bolt for the table edge hotly pursued by the Chaos forces!

With it being the last turn Lee does the only thing a Khone army should do . . . and hides his General and Giant behind a wood to stop them getting blown to pieces by my Ironblaster!!

This 'tactical' move (which some would call cowardly 😊 ) sees Lee and I totaling up our loses and discovering the game is a draw.

Khorne would approve ;0)

A top game from top to bottom. I was rolling low all game which meant my Ogres could not hit the side of a barn but the flip side is it meant I made all my panic tests.

'The dice gods giveth and taketh away'!

With the clocks going back we had an extra hour to play with so I cracked open my box of Shadespire. . . . .

Only the second game I have played but I am really liking the game.

Lee won the game by cheating and actually READING the power and objective cards! ;0)

Another top night of gaming and I can't wait for next week.


  1. Wow! All the big toys came out for this one, fabulous fun.

  2. Oh the shame, the poor Iron Guts fleeing and then catching the hot fetid breath of the Chaos Knights and the cold of their steal.... well something like that anyway, smashing game, fun to read :-) Cheers Riot.

    1. But then MY Gnobblars sorted 'em out!

      I LOVE those Gnobblars!! ;0)


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