Sunday, 12 November 2017

Random chips from the cupboard of doom!

It's been a quiet week on the hobby front.

Last week as I was about to take the kids to Thaiboxing the Wife piped up with "Oh WE just need to  . . . . . . " and that was the end of my weekend (she is talking to me right now as I'm trying to blog this 😈).

Anyway through the week I did manage to finish off some bits.

First up is an Ogre Irongut musician.

I also got three Black Scorpion Cowboys finished up.

Only painted to a tabletop standard with ink washes and edge highlighting.

A Reaper miniatures pulp reporter.

It was fun to paint a metal miniature again.

Last one finished is the Knight Quester from the Silver tower box set. I figured it needed finishing as I had my eye in with the Liberators colour scheme and we needed a Hero to lead a skirmish warband.

My original intent was to pick up the Orc warband for Shadespire last week but as I said above the Wife scuttled those plans.

Finally managed to pick them up yesterday from Dark Sphere.

So far they are only base coated and ink washed and I have a grudge game planned with Phil today so they will probably not get finished until next week.

I am in no rush to get the Skellies as it has not taken off in my gaming circles and the Skaven are not out until January.

Bad news is Necromunda is out next week and I think that will gain some traction.

Now the numbers

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 234

Miniatures bought 147
318 miniatures to go


  1. Love the Orcs Riot they look smashing, will look forward to hearing about your game of Shadespire :-)

    1. Thanks man. Hopefully they will look even better when their finished.

  2. That's not a bad tally for the week, love that reporter.

    1. Everything I have painted by Reaper has been a joy to paint. And they always look the business.

  3. Liking all of this.

    Those Shadespire undead look so good. Shame i have no interest on the game.

    1. The undead will be fun to paint eventually. Shame you have no interest in the game. I have played it 3 times now and am enjoying it.

  4. Very cool - The cowboys are particularly rad!

    1. Thanks man. It's fun to pick up random bits and paint. It keeps the mojo up.


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