Friday, 17 March 2017

Throw back Thursday. Leading Edge games Aliens (1989)

With the sad passing of Bill Paxton we had decided to pull out a classic at the next meeting at the Creative Biscuit and play a game of Leading Edge's 1989 / 1990 version of Alien and the Aliens expansion games.

Bill Paxton just seemed to be a constant of my teenage years with his appearences in Wierd Science, Near Dark and of course the immortal Aliens amoung many others.

I had to mark his passing.

Tim and Macca were willing participants so they buckled up their M3 body armour, locked and loaded their M41A pulse rifles and climbed aboard the UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship for a 'express elevator to Hell, going down!'.

Mission one was the 'Reactor room' mission were they investigate the finding of the missing colonists.

Suddenly the motion sensors light up as multiple signals fill the screens.

The battle was fast and furious with only 3 Marines managing to exit the reactor room.

A bad roll of the die saw Ferro crash the dropship limiting the surviving marines ammo options.

Because Macca 'Don't leave our own behind', he and Tim load up what remains of their weaponry and headed back into the reactor room lower levels to rescue their brothers in arms. . . . . . . 

All contact was lost!!!!

Played the game with a RPG vibe and it really seemed to work with the fella's clueless about what was happening and suitably paranoid and jittery as the games progressed!

On a side note the first battles of the Path to Glory last Sunday was an absolute blast with all sorts of shernanigans going on. Ended up with an additional 4 Chaos hounds and a chosen of Chaos. No photos as we had all sorts of proxies (including Elves!!!!!) and unpainted miniatures in the table so we decided no photos to save everyones blushes!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. It's a cracking little game I have pulled out consistantly since 1989.

  2. Sounds like a great game, never played it, very sad about Bill Paxton, he made some smashing films.

    1. It's a fun little game. The game is rarer then hens teeth now as it is all paper and card so is not durable. I have seen the expansion game go for silly money on eBay.
      Bill Paxton was in some brilliant films and is sorely missed.

  3. Never played that game. Looks fun tho.

    Hope to see some finished chaos warbands soon!

    1. So do I.

      Up to my neck in paperwork this weekend and mothers day next Sunday here in Britian so I will have all my new recruits painted up by then and so should everybody else.


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