Friday, 10 March 2017

2000 points WHF battle vs Lee's Empire

Second game of last sunday was a 2000 point tussle against Lee.

To my great surprise Lee pulled out 2000 points of Empire!

But they were a great looking army!!

Photos after the break.

Yep Lee even went out and recruited a Steam tank from one of his mates.

With my facing a massive Imperial gun line I decide to just bull rush the majority of my Ogre army up the least defended flank.

Hopefully I could just boil through the Empire Knights facing me and take the temple (which is the objective of the scenario we were playing).

Within the first turn I blast the Imperial organ gun from the field! Well that certainly helped!

The rest of the Ogres charge forward.

Lee has judged the distance perfectly and crashes in with his Knight's to take full effect of their lances.

Lee's (mate's) steam tank finally makes it's way into the thick of the fight.

It certainly denied me the right flank but was it too far out on the flank?

It is gorgeous!

and then it misfires!

Then my Iron blaster finally gets a bead on the Steam tank and somehow rolls SIX wounds which is just enough to blast it from the field!

I am definately selling my Imperial cannons!!

I commit my Iron guts into the fight to swing the balance.

I have been whittling away the White Wolves with long range firepower and now feel my Ogre Bulls are strong enough to take the fight to them.

Just when I think I am about to smash through the Imperial line the last Knight rolls 'insane courage'. . . . .

 . . . . . . GIT!!

The rest of my forces continue to bolt forward. I think at this point it was getting really tight if I would make it to the temple in time to contest it?

Porn shot!

My Ogres smash the Imperial Greatswords aside and continue forwards.

Finally Karl Franz swoops down from the temple, slaughters my remaining Mournfang and attempts to hold the line!

But lands just within the charge range of my Iron Guts.

My Iron guts roll big and make the charge and get their 'ogre charge'.

Lano made the valid point that this unit rolls an inordinate amount of 10's when charging.

Lee is forced to commit his handgunners in order to stall out my charge. For Lee I think this is just a desperate delaying action to last out the 6 turns.

The Emperor is hacked to pieces and 5 handgunners are left to try to hold back my entire army!

Not surprisingly they fail and I claim the temple in the last turn!

The game was a bit of a slaughter but given the scenerio it was a close run thing. I think charging up the left flank saved me from the destructive Imperial gunline and Steam tank and left me with enough punch to smash through the Imperial forces holding the line.

Path to Glory kicks off this Sunday and really looking forward to it.

Let's hope it picks up some momentum and gets a good run!


  1. Wow, what a win, I thought you might be up against it when the steam tank trundled up.

    1. So did I. Lee had an evil glint in his eye when he reached for that final box and then plonked down the dreaded steamtank.

      I think blowing the organ gun off the field in the first turn really swung the battle in my direction.

  2. Smashing report, great focus on the temple objective, paid off well, nicely played :-)

    1. Thanks man. "I love it when a plan comes together".

  3. Like most games, objectives first, kill everything that moves second.

    Good job sir.

    Get those gnoblars painted! ;)

    1. "objective first" is very true but it's fun killing everything that moves!

      As to the Gnobblars, I am a lot more superstitious then I care to admit. I am now serious worried I will jinx them if I paint them!


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