Saturday, 18 June 2016

Warhammer quest, Sliver tower. Trial of Chamon!

Last Thursday saw five intrepid Champions once again take on the Silver Tower while at the Creative Biscuit.

The disparate group of Champions plunge through the rippling disc of gold at the end of the copper bridge to begin the 'trial of Chamon' (try saying that without breaking into a bad Michael Jackson impression. I dare you!).

Lano's new Khorne slaughter priest takes centre stage.

We enter 'the Warrior's gaze' and feel empowered to perform truly heroic deeds (i.e. double renown). Several Grots block our way. . . . .

but not for long!

Then Damon discovers a 'Mysterious Vortex'

Lano convinces us all to plunge down the rabbit hole.

"With prayers to their Gods (and glaring at Lano in case it all goes wrong), the champions step off the brink and plunged in the whirling maelstorm below. . . . . . . .

. . . . and end up back at the ingress chamber.. . . . .. 

Lano looks a bit sheepish and then tries to change the conversation!

We exit the ingress chamber AGAIN (!!!!!!) into the 'shifting plates'. A single Skaven deathrunner blocks our way.

We exit the shifting plates into 'the Crystal junction'. More Grots show up.

With time running short we decide to split up to find the end chamber as soon as possible so poor Tim can go home.

We discover 'A merry chase' and 'The Alchemist's den'.

After much hacking and slashing Lano and I discover 'A sickening turn'.

HACK, HACK, HACK. . . . . . .


Over at the other branch, Tim discovers 'The fighting pit' which is the trials end chamber . . . . . . 

. . . . . and then gets himself killed!

It's a cruel blow as it means Tim has to sit out the rest of the game as we cannot bring him back until we kill everything . . . . which will mean the end of the game.

The rest of us charge in to finish the trail.

Not sure we played this one completely in keeping with the trail.

I get the impression this trial is supposed to end in LOTS of dead ends and frustration . . . I might be wrong at this stage but that is certainly the feeling I walked away with.

But as we are only playing the campaign once a month we were not willing to swallow that so made sure we had a conclussion.

Things are going to be pretty bleak regarding hobbying and blogging as the final 4 weeks of work before the summer break look like an absolute fucker!

SLT seem to be on some sort of 'Dickfest' compertition which is resulting in all sorts of aggro at work. Hopefully it was just because of the exam week but I have a horrible feeling that is not the case.

Looks like 15 hour work days are going to be the norm until the end of the summer term!


  1. Hi Riot Ville, I've been trying to get a hold of you. I've got your shirt.

    1. Hi Sean.

      Sorry mate I have been up to my ears in work.

      My email is

      email me and i will sort out the payment.


  2. Cheers for report Riot, looks like you are really enjoying the new Quest, might have to give it a try!

    1. cheers man.

      It's something that appeals to us as we can pick it up once a mnoth to play and not need to spend 3 hours re reading the rules.


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