Tuesday, 14 June 2016

More Oldhammer and another GLOGG meet.

Just a quick one as a sign of life as work involves me working 15 hour days at the moment.

Couple of weeks ago I met up with some GLOGGers and this is what we did. . . . . .

There has been two (?) weeks of work since the game and we had an incident which left things a bit flat but I will comment on the bits I remember and the photos look epic

Keep an eye out for the chaos Familiars.

Table is set and looks good to go

Chico brings a Cult of the possessed to the party!

I bring 1000 gold coins worth of Reikland mercenaries to the party.

Paul plays my Dwarf treasure hunters.

I bunker my archers in the store house

My wizard and Ogre run forward to form a road bump

Chico and I play hide and seek round the tower. Paul can't seem to miss with his crossbows!

Chico's archers fail to be as effective.

One of my archers takes a tumble off the roof and then I forget he's there for about four turns!

In order to stop himself being skewered by Paul's crossbow men Chico lines up a charge on yours truly.

Chico's archers continue to advance into a decimating rain of bolts from Paul.

The rest of his Dwarves advance under the cover of his Thunderers.

Chico and I mix it up.

Much hacking and slashing follows.

The big boys meet.

Paul continues to advance towards the tear up.

"Only a six will pull off that shot Paul!"


"Only another sx will pull off that shot Paul!"


Much hacking and slashing followed between Chico and I.

Chico fails a bottle test which causes quite a debate about what upgrades you are allowed in a one off 1000GC game.

Unfortunately we could not resolve the issue there and then. . . . Shame.

With barely enough time to catch their breath the Reiklanders are set upon by the advancing Dwarves!

Paul forms a conga line. If only I had a Blunderbuss!

A couple of good rolls see me dispatch the Engineer and a Clansman but this is only going to end badly for me.

Here comes the pain!

Fist fights break out all round the tower.

I decide to try to break the deadlock by storming the Thunderers in the gate house. At this point I notice the archer I had left for dead in turn two!

My forces are massacred in the centre which leaves me needing a bottle test.

Which I failed with room to spare!

Want to thank Paul and Chico for making the trip down. Shame it all went a bit flat at the end. Hopefully we can get the rule dispute finally verified just so we do not have something like this happen again.

No GLOGG for a couple of months due to holidays and BOYL but hopefully we will all meet up again soon for some Oldhammer goodness in September.


  1. Great report, loved the mini's and he scenery was really good too.

    1. Thanks.

      The board and miniatures have been a labour of love for about a year now.

      Chico's miniatures always look the business. Something about his painting style always makes them pop.

  2. Always lovely to see an outing on your fabulous table, but my word that was brutal - better luck next time.

    1. It certainly was brutal.

      I will get them one day!

  3. One of those games of heightened emotions that happens at times, I think it's nobodys fault that the rules question popped up and ended unresolved it's just what happens when 2 separate players from separate groups come together to play and each has there own way of using a rule(s) and it's taken as granted by both parties (Me that it's not used and you that it is).

    1. It's just a shame as it threw a real black cloud over what was turning into a top game.

      We live and learn and at the end of the day it's just a game of toy soldiers ;0)

      See you at BOYL

    2. I had bottled out after only 15mins of game play so It wasn't a great game for me anyway even without the rules questio hehe. Still great pictures and I've shared them on your behalf with links to ya Blog.

    3. It certainly was a great looking game. Your warband looks gorgeous (!?!).

      Unfortunately someone is always going to come unstuck in a three way game!

  4. Game looks spectacular, board and buildings really give the game special feel, gangs look great, only wish Watford was not 150 miles away. A pleasure to read, thanks :-)

    1. Thanks man for the compliment.

      It really is a shame we are all so spread out.

      Maybe you can try and get to BOYL in August?


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