Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Unlucky for some. Mordheim double header, games 12 and 13.

Crazy Joe emptied the contents of the sack unceremoniously on the ground and stepped back. The bewildered form of the tavern's Halfling cook starred up in wild eyed confusion at the mercenaries now surrounding him. 

Lord Crashart bent forward and thrust a short bow into the Halflings chest. "Right you little git here's the deal. You shut up, tool up and follow us through the Gargoyle gates, OR we stuff you back in the sack, leave you here and wait to see what finds you first!".

Dildo the Halfling plonked his cooking pot on his head and chewed thoughtfully on a chicken leg he had stashed in his pocket . . . "FINE!" he replied "But don't think I won't piss in your soup tonight"!

Crazy Joe turned away dejected. Was this really what they had been reduced to since their decimation? Press ganging Halfling cooks and Mandrake root addicts from Cutthroats Den?

With it being the half term my brother and I managed to fit in a couple of games of our ongoing Mordheim Campaign.

These were only going to be short sharp games as our previous encounter had left me in all sorts of bother.

 First game (game 12) rolled up as a 'hidden treasure' scenario.

Kris surges forward to search tje nearest buildings.

My only hope for a win in this game is an early reveal of the treasure and then a foot race back to my table edge. . . . . .

Looking confident!

. . . . . yer . .. . . . right!

I race a bunch of my melee troops after one of the Pit Fighters. With a four on one I fancy my chances of costing Kris at least one casualty before I bolt.

The rest of my missle troops hold out in the centre, sniping at anything that pops it's head above the parapit.

At this stage I lose my first figure to crossbow fire. I decide to continue the surge towards the exposed Pit fighter.

Kris'  Pit fighter turns on his heels and dispatches my pursuing Swordsman!

And I call the game there before it gets even more painful.

I get some decent post game rolls and a decent Wyrd stone hunt and finding a straggler who decide to join the band sees me back up to a half decent footing. Kris is absolutely rolling in coin (bloody Dwarves)!

Being such a short game we decide to play a double header and roll for scenario and then the dice Gods anwswer my prayers and we roll up 'Surprise attack' . . . . .Got yer!!!!

Only half of Kris' Warband make it on to the battlefield. My warband appear right by the majority of his scattered Dwarves!

Ale-Fred is mobbed and curb stomped in short order and the Pit fighter is dropped by crossbow fire. Another Dwarf is stunned as well by crossbow bolts!

With casualties sky rocketing, his warband scattered to the four winds and unsure if anyone will turn up as reinforcements next turn Kris decide to throw in the towel before his warband is massacred!

Post battle injury rolls sees Ale-Fred his salty dog killed.

And once again his Pit fighter is seen walking off into the sunset. . . .

Two VERY short and brutal games which left us both feeling a little disappointed with the lack of substance to get our teeth into.

In any other game these battles would have been complete wash outs but with the campaign nature of Mordheim they leave both warbands in good condition and should lead to the next game being a real tear up after this respite to catch our breath and replace any losses!

The map as it currently stands.

Everything remains balanced on a knifes edge!!

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