Friday, 27 May 2016

Warhammer Quest Silver tower. Painted Darkoath Chieftain hero.

Another quick one as Work has been murder this week.

Today it's the turn of the Darkoath Chieftain hero.

This miniature always gets lots of attention whenever I open the box and is a gorgeous sculpt.

I really like the design and could easily imagine him converted up as a Mad Max / Dark Future type figure quite easily.

He was painted up with quite a sickly pallor to show he is definately not a good guy despite his 'hero' status.

He also come with an alternate arm if you wanted him holding a Tzaangor head rather then the axe.


  1. He came out smashing, good painting, nicely restricted pallet just up my street. You're right it is a smashing sculpt :-)

    1. Thanks. Lano worked wonders with this figure.

      This is one of those figures I would buy again to paint again.


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