Sunday, 8 May 2016

GLOGG meet in Ilford. It all goes a bit Oldhammerish!

With the sun shining there was only one thing to do . . . . . . 

Yep meet up in a sweaty hall in Ilford to play Mordheim!

The conversation with the wife Saturday night went a little something like this. . . . . 

"So your meeting up with two men you have never really met before?"

"Yes Love. . . Well it might be more then two men"

"And you met them on an internet forum?"

"Yes Love."

"For toy soldiers?"

"Yes love."

"And what are their names?"

"Chico and Golgfag 1."

"And that's obviously not their real names."

"No Love."

"And what are their real names?"

"I don't know."

"And it's in a hall, behind some garages, where no one will be passing by?"

"Yes Love."

". . . . . . . OK that's fine. Have fun!"

And there we have it. With those final five words I find myself breaking with all Internet protocols I have ever taught over countless PCSHE days as a teacher!

Despite the nerves I have not ended up with a funny walk and had a blinding time pushing little figures around a table.

In the end we decided on a three way game of Mordheim as both Chico and I were familiar with the rules and it was too hot to be flicking through rulebooks and thinking.

Paul ended up fielding my (brothers) Dwarves.

We decide on a 'occupy' scenario. No moral check, just eight turns of bedlam!

With all the toughness four opponents on the table I decide to keep everone close.

Chico goes all Orky and charges forward with reckless abandon.

I have to say at this point that Chico's Ork warband were a delight on the eye and I am glad to finally have photos of his beautifully painted miniatures on my blog. 

Now to get them off the board as quickly as possible!

Paul's Dwarves continue to advance.

With Chico deciding to split his Warband to secure the required buildings, a battle plan forms in my tiny little mind. I decide to mob stomp the seperated Orks before rolling up the board and polishing off any survivors left after the Orks and Dwarves rip each other apart!

Chico's 'Ogre' boils into the Dwarves.

Chico also decides to get all his low rolls out of the way early and fails to hit anything!

My Young bloods take out a Ork boy in melee.

Chico counter-charges and here comes the pain!

Over by Paul even the Oldhammer Goblin gets stuck in.

The swirling melee continues around the ruined temple and the walls are sprayed in both red and black blood!

The Chico counter-charge on my Reiklanders decimates my forces as they get busy "putting the boot in".

I pull back whats left of my warband and hope to pull off a counter charge.

Over on the left the last of Paul's Dwarves are stomped into the dirt by an unprecedented series of high rolls from Chico!

Chico's warboss climbs up into cover and sweeps to victory by occupying all three required buildings by the 8th turn!

I just want to thank both Paul and Chico for travelling down, the great game and good company (not necessarily in that order).

There is talk of some semi-regular GLOGG meets at Ilford Gaming club and fingers crossed it will all work out.


  1. Wonderful game and a good old chat, well worth the long trek. See you next time.. maybe I'll get a chance to molest you then ;)

  2. Just brilliant, it looks absolutely superb.

    1. Sun shining, playing little soldiers and talking toys. What's not to enjoy!

  3. Sadly, I didn't have enough warning to make this one, but with a bit of forward planning, I might be able to make it to Ilford...

    1. Sounds great.

      I will make sure I blog the next date to give you a bit more notice.

    2. Yar. Chico mentioned on his blog, with only a few days notice, and I couldn't schedule the time.

      Admittedly, I'm still unlikely to schedule the time with a lot of notice, but it at least makes it not impossible. ;)

    3. It's hopefully going to be a semi-reg monthly thing so hopefully you can make one :)

    4. Yer it was short notice. The first one sort of happened by accident!

  4. You found a new gaming venue riot? Looks like you had some fun!

    1. Yer The Ilford gaming club have a decent venue and it's on a sunday from 1:30 to 6pm which is a much more convienent time. I would recommend it.

  5. Fantastic looking game, great to discover another group of gamers :-)

    1. Funnily enough we were talking about how we could only dream of owning a table and painted miniatures like this as kids and now it's an everyday occurrence.

      It's always good to find another gang of gamers.


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