Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Mordheim card Tavern. Too much is never enough!

"This is more like it!"

With the building and undercoating of the wooden base for the Mordheim card Tavern on Saturday I could not wait to get it painted and finish the thing off.

Well here it is. . . . 

"Oh . . . .Hang on"
It is only now I am realising what a lucky git I was for picking the boxed set up at Hatecon one for only £5, as for the exception of the card Bridge house, it is all there!

"That bloody Estate Agent! He's done it again!"

And 'all there' includes the spare equipment and gargoyles / tavern sign sprues.

This stuff is now rarer then Hen's teeth!!

"This is what he meant when he said 'some renovations needed'!"

I am not going to add the tavern sign at the moment as I get the feeling it will only get in the way during games but we will see and I do have a proxy if needed.

I cannot believe how good the building looks considering it is just a card building with some painted plastic augments and a base made of coffee stirrers and cereal card!

And the really good news is there are still several card elements left in the box to build.

Really hope Kris can make the game Friday, as I am desperate to see the whole lot laid out on a gaming table.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I am quite enarmoured with it. Hope to see it in action Friday.

  2. That looks fantastic! Nice work, man!

    1. Thanks man. Thank goodness for 'Administration grey' and 'Agax earthshade' ;0)

  3. Great looking piece, your base really brings it together. You were lucky to get the whole set for so little, good stuff :-)

    1. Thanks. The base certainly adds something. I am now starting to fully appreciate what a lucky git I was!


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