Sunday, 24 April 2016

I'm a prodigal son. A black sheep of a white flock. Mordheim game 11.

Keel Grymm the Engineer could not believe they were only 3 hours into the funeral dirge of Ale-Axe-Ander!

They had ringed the pyre with salt and ensured the flames had taken hold before retiring to the tavern to begin the Saga of Ale-Axe-Ander. Even the Reiklanders had sent flowers!

Suddenly the door exploded in on it's hinges and the horrificially burned form of Ale-Axe-Ander stood in the doorway glaring at the Dwarves with a baleful gaze!

"You dozy bastards!" he muttering through his blistered lips . . . . . . . 

. . . . We had forgotten Ale-Axe-Ander had the 'Hard to kill' skill . . . . . PLONKERS!!!!!!

First things first, we had to re-roll the injury roll. A bit tense but when the die finally settled the Dwarf Noble had ended up with 'horrific scars'. Not a bad trade off from being dead!

With the surviving of the Noble and Kris splashing out on a Pit Fighter his experience sky rocketed and I got to roll the scenario and got a underdog bonus as well.

Once again we roll up Skirmish.

I set up first and bunkered down the majority of my band behind the bridge and in hiding.

Kris scattered his warband across the table edge with four kill teams.

His first team of Thunderers stake out the store.

At this point I have to say my wife has been an absolute darling and bought me a 'Deep cut studios', gaming mat. It is brilliant and the board looks a bit special as a consequence.

Even the kids are impressed!
Kris moves forward aggressively with three of his four kill teams.

I decide to set my Marksmen after Kris' hired swords as they can be taken out of action on a 5+ and charge my Melee warriors after the Thunderers bunkered down on the flank. I hope my speed will allow me to isolate them and curb stomp them before the cavalry arrives.

"We see you, you little bastards!"
The speed of the Pit Fighters really surprises me and they surge forward.

A high series of rolls see me plug one of the Slayers. First blood to me!

"Got yer!"

The speed of my hard, charging warriors, causes Kris to bug out from the store house. Has he left it too late?

Bjorn Wulf makes it out but will the Thunderer be too late?

I encircle the encroaching Pit Fighters but despite the volleys of crossbow bolts I fail to hit OR wound with a single shot!

Archie climbs to a new vantage point.

Cribb the Pit Fighter charges in on one of my Marksmen but despite only needing to roll a 3+ to hit rolls this. . . . . .

The first of my Kill teams dashes out of the storehouse and catches the Slayer and Thunderer in the open.

Despite his vantage point, Spook falls into old habits and can't hit the side of a barn.

I should say at this point we were actually playing during the day time. As a consequence the kids were about and added a whole another level of tension to the game as they hovered round the table edge with their grubby little fingers!!!!

"No Daddy, I never touched it!!"
Cribb dispatched my Marksmen in my turn and in an effort to shield Spook from the Thunderers now occupying the right flank I completely screw up my positioning of him!

Spook is a marked man and Kris is in like Flynn!!

To add salt to the wounds, the Thunderers in their new vantage point hit Archie square in the chest and take him out of action.

"What are you doing down here?"

Thats my three casualties. One more and I am taking a moral check on an eight.

On my left my main force burst out of the store house and kick lumps out of the Thunderer.

That's three casualties for Kris and two Dwarves dangerously isolated and outnumbered.

The game remains balanced on a knifes edge.

"Your next Ginge!"
Kris continues to advance up the middle under the cover of his Thunderers.

Knowing he can not outrun his pursuers, Bjorn takes a deep breath and pitches into Crazy Joe!

Then disaster! A flurry of shots from the Dwarves sees my central forces decimated and only Papa is left holding the centre!

"Eh Lads . . . . . . . Anyone?"
I am thinking of calling it there but a roll of 'insane courage' makes my mind up for me and the Dice Gods have spoken!

Bjorn the Dwarf is mob stomped and taken out of action despite his bravery. Kris uses his Holy relic to pass the moral check.

Can I hold on and chase down the isolated dwarf to force the moral check?


Screaming blood curdling warcries my surviving warriors tear off after another Dwarf through the ruined temple.

"For Reikland . . . . . and riches!"

Papa falls back behind the Gallows and prepares to sell his life dearly.

At this point I lose Bill to crossbow fire but pass another moral check.

Once again the Thunderers in the tower drops another Warrior despite the difficulty of the shot.

To add insult to injury the Dwarf I am running down turns on his heels and drops one of his pursuers before another is dropped by crossbow fire. . . . . . BLOODY CROSSBOWS!!!!!!!

My turn and I survey the devastation of the battle field. . . . .

Guapo Joe and Crashhart have to run the gauntlet of open ground to leap into the lions jaws. . . . . .

. . . . and Papa is out on a limb, taking on four Dwarves single handed. . . . .

. . . finally the Red mist dissipates and I see sense and call the game.

And what a game!!!!

Kris ends up with four casualties from a starting warband of fourteen.

I end up with seven casualties from a starting line up of thirteen.

Kris has sworn by his 'sixer' all game but the die chooses the most callus of times to betray him when he rolls to see what happens to his favourate henchman.. . . .

Yep that's a one. . . . . Off you go!
Welcome to Mordheim Kris . . . . . .

and thanks for the cracking game.

The map as it currently stands.


  1. Great report, but my word that mat is good, it really transforms the table.

    1. It is a fabulous looking product and really does set the table off.

      Only down side is it stunk when it turned up and it had to spend a week in the shed airing out.

  2. Very cool! That looks like it was a really fun afternoon!

    1. It was a cracking game (as Mordheim usually is). BUT I might have to put Kris on a death clock as the game took over three hours to play!

  3. Fantastic game, great map, very bloody, good to read, cheers Riot :-)

    1. The pleasure is all mine (except for losing 4 marksmen to post game injury rolls!).


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