Friday, 8 April 2016

Holiday painting. Chipping away at the lead mountain.

Looks like I have got my painting Mojo back!

Here is some shots of the bits I got finished while away on holiday.

Got to be honest I got nowhere near as many miniatures finished as I did last year but the kids are older and at that age where they want to spend the WHOLE day in the pool and do not need their afternoon naps anymore (although I still do!).

First up a Dwarf for my Brothers Mordheim Warband.

He is another chip that has spent over 30 years in the lead mountain before being excavated for his new role.

Originally a Grenadier miniature bought from the 5th floor of Hamleys back in the day. Still a cool little sculpt but he will suffer 'little man syndrome' standing next to the Scibor Dwarves!

Next up, not really a new miniature but rather 'Guapo Joe' with a new set of painted arms after he was issued two swords after his heroics last game. Also I figured being strength 4, with 'Mighty blow' and a double handed sword for the +2 strength bonus might be a bit overkill!

Next up Jung a Reikland, Marksman armed with a crossbow. I like the 'everyman' feel to him.

This is Tod. Another Marksman. I painted him 'boss-eyed' after his failure to hit a single thing last game. It seemed appropriate!

Next up is the new incarnation of 'Bill' my youngblood.

Daxio, I have a question for you. Bill has Ginger hair, decayed teeth, needs a wash and has a strange staining on the fingers of his hand. . . . . Can you guess who he is modeled after?

I did it to wind up my brother as the thought of this 'Cat' taking one of his boys 'out of action' will really wind him up.

Answers on a postcard to Riotville at Riot Street, Riot town R10T VI114.

I also have two maybe three miniatures near completion which I will hopefully finish soon.
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 64

Target 100

Miniatures bought 15
390 miniatures to go!

49 in the black this year.


  1. Splendid stuff, you are certainly on fire at the moment! Not managed so much on my holiday, but have given a few things a lot of thought - it's all the preparation apparently.

    1. Don't worry Mr. Awdry, I am looking at my planner now and any hobbying is about to grind to a halt as the half term ahead looks like hell on wheels!

      As they say "Fail to prepare - prepare to fail!"


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