Saturday, 26 December 2015

Tis the season . . . . . for Smashmouth Bloodbowl!!!!!

While wearing a Reindeer onesie.

Yep thats me!!!!

It's Christmas and that means only one thing. . . . . My brother and I pulling out the Astrogranite for our festive (since 1988!!!!) game of Bloodbowl!

We still play 2nd edition rules and I recieve the kick off and make a break down the right wing.

Worlds collide in the middle of the pitch as our Blockers lock horns to dominate the centre of the pitch.

Fortune favours the brave and Kris offers up his Blitzer to the gods of Nuffle as he sprints his Blitzer in for a heroic tackle. . . . .

which results in the Blitzer spending a while in the stunned box.

'Boots' runs up and gives the nearest threat to the ball a kick up the arse but the fella must be wearing metal underwear as the blow just bounces off!

Leaving the Blocker free to run in the loose ball.

Only 5 turns in and Kris is one-nil up!!!!

The Christmas Reindeer is not happy!!!!

With 5 turns left in the half and recieving the ball I fancy my chances of scoring before the half time whistle!

Then the Gods of the die turn on me.

First a block roll of double one sees two of my Blockers off to the Stunned box!

Then the Ref wanders over and Red cards my Catcher flying up the wing!!!

THEN Nigel wishes he had listened to his Mother and gone into Dentistry like his Brother in Law!!!!

Yep you guessed it . . . . . The Christmas Reindeer is not happy!

All I can do is pull back whats left of the team and hold the ball to see out the half.

All the team that is but 'Sticky hands Dan'

What's the Gobbo for "Oh Shit!!!".

The start of the second half sees me boot the ball into the furthest corner.

My Chucker eyes up the Ref. I am tempted to kick lumps out of him. MMMMMmmmmmm.

Here comes the pain!!!!

Kris decides to sprint the gap but the Gods of Sprinting strike again!

Figures are falling thick and fast in the centre.

I try to coral Kris' player in the centre of the field while I run down the Human Thrower.

But a Human Catcher breaks free!!

The Human Thrower runs up the pitch, spots the free Catcher and pulls back his arm to unleash the 'Long Bomb'. . . . . . .

Then disaster strikes for Kris, as a roll of double one means Kris fluffs the throw from the throwing square. I have to feel for him as a roll of anything but a double one would have seen the ball sailing through the air towards my endzone.

My Chucker scoops up the ball and sends it flying towards my 'Green Streaks'.

Despite dropping the 'pig skin' this leaves my 'Green Streaks' free to run in the ball. Simples!

Except I manage to roll sixes for my sprint and one of my Blitzers falls to the ground with 'Charlies horses'. ..

The Christmas Reindeer is not happy . . . . .

Thankfully I still have the other Blitzer and he runs in the touchdown to draw the game!!!!

Maybe it is all the sentimental movies I have been watching over the Christmas but I really felt for Kris as I was completely outplayed this game and it was ONLY the roll of double one on the throw which cost him the game and allowed me to run the ball in for the draw!

And that concludes ANOTHER  festive Bloodbowl game. Its mad to think that we played our first ever game THIRTY years ago and we have played consistantly every Christmas when we have both been home since then.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.

I should get at least one more painting post in before the end of the year and there is the compulsory 'look what I did this year' post but for now I wish you all a lovely holiday and hope all your prezzies were 28mm sized.


  1. Replies
    1. Are you talking about the Bloodbowl or the Reindeer onesie? ;0)

  2. What Gordon said! Great stuff dude!

    1. Cheers, even now it is something we look forward to all year!

  3. Great reindeer suit, and there is something to be said for tradition... particularly when it means Bloodbowl!

    1. Playing Bloodbowl in a Reindeer onesie just seems it fit!


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