Sunday, 6 December 2015

It turns out I am an Ultramarine, nut hugger!

I continue to knock out the Ultra Marine Demi Company.

Turns out white it not only a nightmare to paint but also to photograph.

Three Terminators finished off this week and half an hour of decent sunlight this weekend saw me finish off the Terminator Sergeant.

Was at a loss with what to do with the shoulder shields. I did not want to ignore them nor spend ages free handing designs on them.

In the end I plumped for an idea I read as a kid in an old White Dwarf where they had differentianted some epic Rhino's with the symbols of a pack of cards. I liked the idea that is was seen as some ancient knowledge of unknown means that had been adopted by the Imperial forces so used it here.

 I also managed to get 4 Marines painted up to 'transfers' stage . . .

 In a moment of weakness I painted the white 'go faster' stripes on the Beakie helmets and they immediately looked tons better.

This does mean I will now be going back through the Demi Company and repainting all the 'Beakies'!

Despite the simplicity of the techniques used I do really like the way their turning out and think they will look the business when fielded on mass.

Should have the rest of this squad finished by next week.

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 220

Miniatures bought 56

461 miniatures to go!

164 in the Black this year


  1. And a fearsome looking bunch they are too. Great progress Sir.

    1. Many thanks.

      They will be a large chip for the lead mountain when finished. Now the question is will they ever get used?

  2. They are look good sir, looking good!
    Missed you at the club, we actually got a few fantasy games in!!!

    1. Thanks man.

      I am gutted that I missed Sunday. REALLY want to get back into 8th next year!

  3. I think it went down well and with Lee and Damon now coming its bound to get bigger, so getting a game shouldn't be a problem. Really looking forward to more myself! Just looking at the next 130 goblins that need painting and starting to cry...

    1. 130 Goblins!!!!!

      Dude buy some Trolls or something!


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