Sunday, 6 September 2015

Dr. Gostellos Psycho Circus. First Jalopy completed.

Dr. Gostello could not help but give a smug little smile "Not so bloody 'Smart' now are you Billy!" he thought.

The night raid could not have gone better! Of course the new bullet holes will need some work with the polyfilla and the blood will need washing out the back, but now Billy will know to pay his gambling dept's when their due!

So here is Dr. Gostello's new 'Radlands' jalopy finally finished.

"Ta - DAAAAAA!!!!!!

I will put my hands up and admit I have gone a bit OTT with the 'Typhus corrosion' and 'Ryza rust' but I simply love the stuff.

I did get a unintended compliment from the wife when she saw my son handling it and told me off for letting him play with something which would give him tetanus!!!!

At first she was not convinced it was a paint effect!

I have tried to not make the vehicle too uniform in its rusting as I wanted to show where new bits are added to the vehicle as old armour plates, equipment etc. are replaced for new ones.

Just for comparison this is how it started out.

I also figured as their weapons are essential to their survival (and negotiating pitch fees!), they would be well looked after and cleaned regularly.

Yep thats a disposible pen top!!

I am pleased I went REAL old skool at one stage and actually cannibalised a disposible pen top I had laying around on the desk to make the gattling gun / flamer turret.

The flamer is from a warmachine, Menoth, warjack which only lasted about 45 minutes in the hands of my son! I really like it's 1930's Buck rogers feel.

Thanks to Ramshackle games I will soon have this one kit bashed up and trundling through the Radlands!


  1. That is just absurdly brilliant - I love it! Sure you can never have too much rust effect? ;)

    1. Thank you. That is a real compliment as I have been an avid follower of your blog for ages!

      Your second comment is very true but I might go a bit easier with the rust effect on the second vehicle.

  2. Absolutely brilliant, love the whole gang, looks like the Joker should be in there, love it all :-)

    1. Thanks again.

      Funnily enough I have had an eye of the Batman miniatures!

  3. Loads of character in this, from the truck to the painting to the choice of miniatures. Love it!

    1. Thanks Stuart.

      I am surprised how well the different elements blend together. I have to admit it is more down to luck then judgement!

      Hopefully Herq the new strongman will gel just as well.

  4. Great stuff...and I just love that ape!

    1. Thanks again . . . so do I. Not bad for three quid!

  5. Replies
    1. Cheers. It turned out much better then I expected.


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