Monday, 28 September 2015

Signs and portents. The super blood moon rises. . . . along with the essex Legion!

Lano and Neil have been busy gathering a horde of gamers to create the 'Essex Legion'.

I managed to attend after the kids were ready to bed and walked into a hall that was absolutely heaving with gamers armed to the teeth with 28mm armies!

I was lucky enough to get a game in and had a really good 25 point game. Not many photos as I was busy taking it all in and talking to new peeps.

My opponent is good enough to hide his one unpainted miniature behind the tower.

Oh no. . . . There it is about to rip my Mages to pieces!

We all get a bit giggly and silly with the lazer pens as we work out the trample attacks!

Yep I am silly enough to leave a big enough opening to let the Ripper jack in!"

Thankfully my girl Ashlynn gets stuck in. . . . Right before getting her head ripped off by the 'Killer' Jack!
So once again a defeat but it was a solid game and I am embarrassed to admit I have forgotten the name of my opponent but it was nice to meet a fella as into his 'Warmaporn' as Lano and I.

Not sure I can make it as a weekly feature but it is definately somewhere I will visit every opportunity I get!

Also as a sign of life I have actually managed to get some paint on some figures.

I have also sorted out the mighty miniature 200!!!!


  1. Excellent, always good to have a solid turn out at the club.

    1. It really was heaving and lots of pained figures which is always inspiring

  2. Smashing to see a club doing well, I got back to our club about 2 months ago and am really enjoying it. Good stuff Riot :-)

    1. looking forward to playing new opponents and learning new tricks.


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