Wednesday, 24 September 2014

White Dwarf - Have you lost weight?

During the summer I picked up a load of old White Dwarfs for 50p each at a hobby shop in Clacton on Sea.

Look at all the old skool goodness!

All this old skool goodness for £6. RESULT!

I also acquired a recent issue of White Dwarf (which thankfully I did not have to pay for).

Look at the shiny, shiny
I know it's now a weekly, but seriously, I flicked through several times  but it reminds me of a lot of the women I dated in my 20's; slim and pretty but not much going on upstairs. 

And just like a lot of the women I dated in my 20's I got bored of it really quickly as well (that was before the delectable Mrs Riot turned up who is the three B's {Beautiful, Brainy and Busty])! 

Where as the older issues have had me constantly flicking through for ideas and story arcs etc as well as getting me to want to play Gorka Morka, the newer White Dwarf can offer nothing to get my teeth into. Even thinking back to myself as a 15 year old this stuff would struggle to hold any sort of interest for me.

As a new gamer I have to endure the older gamers banging on ad nauseam about how expensive everything is and GW this and GW that etc, etc, etc. Personally I do not think the GW stuff is more expensive then anyone else out there and of course you are going to protect your intellectual property (thats just good business sense!), but through these old White Dwarfs I am getting a glimpse of how things used to be and am starting to think maybe I am missing out on some sort of golden age of gaming. 

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