Saturday, 20 September 2014

Taking stock. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

One good thing about having the builders in (actually the only thing at the moment as they are really dragging their feet), is I finally had a chance to get all my unassembled / unpainted miniatures together in a pile................. and its quite a pile!

No its not a prize draw........ its just all the crap I need to get painted!

It's just some bits I bought from the Miniature Empire closing down sale. The bones of my Ogre Army, Some SAGA bits, some Skorne bits I have had my eye on for a long time and HAD to get when they were only half price!

At first it did not look too bad, 11 unopened boxes and several solo's ........................ that's not so bad is it?

And then I found these!

They were found in the middle of a field.... I had to give them a home!
They are the first of my Summer Boot sale finds. Apparently there is about 1200 points of stuff there. They originally cost me £35 but come with a load of Orks which I moved on via Ebay, so it's a Space Marine Army for £20. I had to buy them!

Yes it's Gingers in Space otherwise known as Space Wolves
A shed load of Loft finds, I am seriously considering painting them up for my Brother but we will see.

Nearly 20 years old and never been opened!

There is also I load of original 80's plastic space marines which I bought to play the scenario in White Dwarf god knows what!

There is also this AWESOME Table Arts Gambion for my WHF Empire cannon.

OK so that's not so bad, right? Some sale buys, a boot sale find and some old loft finds, that's Ok?

And then I found these in a GW bag tucked inside another bag........................ yep that's more Skorne from the Miniature Empire Sale

In the same bag was a load of Empire Knights I bought off Damion.

And then there's the second of my Summer Boot sale finds........ 50 odd points of Skorne I bought off a young lad who had played Warmachine twice gone nuts on Ebay and then never played the game again.

When I spotted them originally they were just a load of bits in a box on a trestle table. The kid originally wanted £130 for the lot but I got him down to £70!

Snake eyes put them all together for me for the cost of one Warlock!

We had a tally up at the MEGC when they were all assembled and recon there is about £240 worth of stuff there!


Here are two more bits that were in the deal!

OK so its not just 11 boxes and some solos........................... it's 14 boxes and a SHED LOAD of extra bits............ it's still ok right?

Oh and then there is ALL the Warmachine bits I have been buying since May, including Damiono and a Whole Steelhead Army!

So with the closing down of the Miniature Empire I don't think I need to buy another miniature ever again!

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