Saturday, 5 April 2014

Whack of the day 5. The Wooden spoon!

Hello again Bob and welcome to the final installment of this seasons "Whack of the day" as it is with a tear in my eye that I have to say Hello to all the maniac Bloodheads out there for one last time. Bob I hope I don't lose it during the final montage. 

Any woo, back to business. There was blood, there was snot, there was teeth knocked lose and angry phone calls from home asking "what the hell were the coaches doing still at the club so late", and all sorts of gastronomic delights of Gants Hill delivered home to waiting "loved ones". Just your average 6 dominions final really Bob!

Ok first off lets have a look at the first match between the Wild cards and Mort and Mindy. With the prestigious Wooden spoon (they say he carved it from an even bigger spoon) up for grabs for the loser there was everytihng to play for(?).

I've got to be honest Bob I spent most of the afternoon in "the dirty tackle" public house so my recollection of this one might be a bit hazy.


"HOOF" the undead kick off and wow what a shot! I guess all that money they spent on the Wire cam was worth it, personally I think they should have spent the game defumigating the loos after the Orc game last week.

The undead are barely out of their 3rd of the field before the Wildcards come crashing in, they really don't want that wooden spoon Bob!

It seems the wild cards are having a short discussion with the new ref about the finer points of blood bowl! But the new fella seems to be putting his point across with great passion and sensibility Bob, what an addition to the team!

on the other side of the field ours player go mano de mano. Somethings got to give

OK Bob you have got to help me out on this one, is it a kick into the end zone or a fluffed pass as this pundit was staring at the bottom of a glass of "Bloodweizer" at the time.

Regardless the humans manage to break free and pick up the ball in the end zone. One Nil to the wild cards Bob. what a game!

The wild cards kick off and the ref wastes no time getting his face on camera as he dives straight into the thick of the action "Hi MOM"

The undead launches a bomb down the left of the field into the hands of the catcher. What a pass Bob, and all the harder with only one eye. Thats one in the eye for depth perception!

The wild cards get stuck into the undead in their own half and strip the ball. Can they get off the pass?

No Bob hes brought down and the Undead surround the few remaining Human players, could another field clearance be on the cards?

So it would appear Bob as the human dug out gets a bit too snug for comfort....but what a great looking bunch of casualties!!!

Mort and Mindy seem to be trying to reconstruct the "Thriller" video in this Touchdown celebration Bob. Could a new career be on the card for these fellas............................... Whats that Bob?...................No, ok

With that the games ends one all, but with a full fight card ahead the coaches decide to call it on injuries and Leader ginge is the proud (?) owner of a brand new spoon!

Dosen't he look chuffed Bob

Well no not really, but better luck next year

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