Saturday, 5 April 2014

The 6 Dominions Blood bowl Final. Judgement day

So this is it Bob, what all the blood, sweat and tears was all for and thats just me trying to put on these leather trousers!

So the Karma Khameleons and the Calador Dragons are the last teams standing, and with most of the 6 Dominions coaches in attendence as well as the millions at home Both coaches take a deep breath before they plunge into the fury that is the 6 Dominions final!


The Lizards receive and go hell for leather for the Elf endzone.

No quarter is asked or given as the immovable object meet the irrestible force.

Skink Ali and the other lizard catchers bolt for the holes left in the field and the elves desperately try to bring them down but the lizards are dodging left, right and centre and the elves just can't get to grips with the slippery skinks.

Finally the Elves bring down the Skinks but is it too little too late Bob?

A Skink breaks loose Bob ..................... hes loose, is a touch down imminent?

The skink literally cart wheels over the line. I guess me knows hes on the big screen Bob. ONE - NIL to the Khameleons!

The Elves receive the ball and make a concentrated charge up the left wing of the field, with the lizards rapidly closing the gap and full of bad intentions!!

Hang on to your hat Bob!!

Actually Bob put on the kettle this could take a while!

Whats this Bob? Totally unnoticed the Elf thrower has been sneaking up the opposite wing and suddenly a cross field long bomb goes zinging in his direction.

What a play Bob. What a PLAY!

The lizard Blitzer notices in the nick of time and goes for the heroic tackle can he pull it off?

NO BOB HE MISSES THE TACKLE. The Dragons run in the Touch down and we are heading for Sudden death Bloodbowl, the three greatest words in the English language!!!!!

So Bob while the players catch their breath lets have a quick recap for the folks at home.

Sudden death Bloodbowl. NO ref, NO time limit and only ONE goal.... to score.

The ball is placed in the centre of the field, the coaches flip a coin for first turn and all hell breaks loose.

Now back to the action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lizards make a lightening break for the ball, will this boldness prove decisive?

Someone call the "elf and safety" officer as someone has failed to mop up the half time bananas as how else can you explain this picture?

The Dragons clear the left side of the field of lizards and make a desperate break for the End zone!!

This pundit catches the eye of the Thumpers coach and a wistful look of "if only" crosses his face before he focuses back on the action on the field. The Angels coach is less subtle and screams a series of obscenities in the general direction of the lizard coach before kicking the smallest person in the room.

But wait Bob its not over .................. the Elves double block one of the few remaining threats to the Elf catcher but "snake eyes" returns to form and rolls a double 1, resulting in both pointy ear pansies heading for the stunned box. This game is far from over!!

But the elves have the advantage of numbers and a second multiple block bring the lizard down............ but wait whats this Bob, one of the last remaining lizards makes a break for the elf catcher with a heroic tackle, can he pull it off Bob

NO BOB........................  LANO ROLLS A SIX WITH ONE SQUARE TO SPRINT and with a roar of boos / cheers and disbelief from the crowd that leaves the Elf free to run in the Touchdown!

Bob I have literally shit my own pants!!!

What a game, What a 6 Dominions tournament!

We have had more action then a Manila Whore house on a saturday night with the US Navy in town!!

Seriously how are we going to top this!!

It only leaves me to thank all the 6 Dominion coaches for really embracing this compertition and playing with a competitive verve but at no point losing their sense of humour or sportsmanship, and the staff at the Miniature Empire for hosting the compertition and staying open late on more then one occasion.

I Thank you one and all!!

This leaves me to just reflect on the two greatest moments of the 6 dominions for me.................

1) Macca rolling the 6 on the sprint during the final turn of his game only one square from the end zone with the Tub thumpers to throw away the draw, and

2) Mark using some kind of Jedi mind trick on Lano during the final and very nearly convincing Lano to end his turn early to allow him the make a break for the end zone.

So lets fade out with a sporting montage of the winning team jumping up and down in slow motion with a rousing score in the background

Any last words Bob........................... No .............. I figured not, you were really worth the signing fee Bob keep up the good work!

Good night and thank you all

Slow fade to black


  1. A great blog and match report as always, I will forever be traumatised by that six against the halflings.

  2. Great reports for fantastic tournament, really glad to have been a part of.
    Still can't believe my Jedi mind trick nearly worked!
    Thanks again.


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