Tuesday, 9 June 2020

May update pt.2

So the mojo remains high and I continue to pump out the miniatures.

First up another Space Wolf Terminator for my brother.

I have also finished up 30 Ungors from my Beastman grey shame. . . . .

The 1997 versions are pigs to paint but there is no denying their charm.

On to  the Gors.

My lad has been busy with his arts and crafts.

This thing is enormous!

My daughter continues to be bitten by the painting bug.

In other news I am back at work but with a later start time for our school I am able to cycle in now.

11 miles each way but had a lovely surprise the first time I rode it when I discovered it is mostly along the River Lea.

It's busier on the way home but still a great way to start the day.   . . . . .Result!!

Being in a silly mood I painted this . . . . . .

I guess someone found him 😜

With this little break it was straight back into the Beastmen.

 Then a Shaman . . . .

Then Khazrak the one eye.

There were also more Gnobblers finished as ink washes dried. . . . . .

I have about 30 more of these to go!

Having so much fun with the Beastmen I decided to re base some Foundry miniatures I bought at BOYL. . . . . . .

The mini below is my face as a beastman sculpted on by the 'Orcfather' himself Kev Adams.

I made sure I also touched up all the chipped paint.

The final unit.

I was having a real blast  until . . . . . . I dropped Morghur mid paint and smashed it to pieces 😡

Needing a change to calm down I reached for another of my Brothers Black Scorpion Cowboys . . . .

Having calmed down I returned to Morghur . . . . .

With this character finished my Beastman army was complete (for now!!).

I am now around the 300 unpainted miniature mark and would apprear I have managed to paint about 150 miniatures since the lock down began.

I was determined to take something positive from this whole thing and so far so good.

Next post will just be a photo dump of the completed Beastman army. . . be warned.


  1. Bloody hell mate, that’s an impressive amount of figs to get painted in such a short time! And, they all look great! Well done!

    1. Thank you so much. Amazing what you can get done when you don't spend 12 hours a day at work!

  2. Bloody hell that's alot of brown to paint, I would have given up half way though this little lot.

    1. Being red / green colour blind it's actually nice to be painting colours I can actually see ;0)

      And I do love painting armies!

  3. So good to see this close up having enjoyed them on the Instagram account. Poor Nemo, that had me in stitches.

    1. Thanks man. He might be joined by Dori soon

  4. There's so much awesome stuff I don't even know where to start! I love every bit, but the beastman with your face beats them all!

    1. Thanks man.

      I am gutted there is no BOYL this year but it is a cool mini.

  5. Cracking work! Those Beastmen are looking pretty intimidating and Nemo is a nice touch. Nice commute you've got going there - every cloud and all that!

    1. Thanks.

      It is a really nice commute in and when I factor in traffic it takes about the same amount of time to get home after work. Happy days


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