Thursday, 20 February 2020

Half term recap. The story so far!

The half term break kicked off with the usual 'Saturday night fights' at my place.

With the release of two new warbands it had to be Underworlds.

Despite the new warbands Justin and I threw down with Skaven and Gits :0/

 Justin really brought his A game this time.

This would see his Skaven spank me 17 glory to 9!!

Had to have a game two.

This saw me really waking up and thinking things through. In the end there was only 1 glory in it and Justin took the game 15 glory to 14!

We then played the Ur-predator version of Underworlds

Justin takes the first kill and becomes the Ur-predator.

 Lee crashes in to take his scalp.

The 'Festering Skaven' now has a massive target on it's back and all of the other 3 warbands come steaming in to become the Ur-predator!

Thanks to some shenanigans with the cards I have the chance to take the game in the final throw of the dice . . . .   . . . . NOPE missed 😣

This sees Justin take the game by the skin of his teeth.

This might see me update my deck after Riotville LIVE 😏

This week I have REALLY got my painting  mojo back.

Here is the output so far this week!

Why do I work again?

First up some more Warriors of Khorne for Riotville LIVE 2020 on the first of March.

I have also got all the Gnobblers finished for the new Man trappers Underworlds warband.

I also made a start on the Wyrmspat.

I am really starting to understand the appeal of Nurgle!

I also made more inroads with my Brother's small Space Wolf warband.

 This is how the Man trappers currently stand. Just the leader to go.

Last night I also helped Alister give his Orks a run-out in preparation for Riotville LIVE 2020

I found out warpaint on a Giant is a thing 😭

Al found out the hard way how important initial positioning is in WHF 8th.

He also found out how fun Giants can be!!

With the running down of my main unit of Chaos Warriors the remaining turns were really just getting Al used to the fundamentals of the game as he really had the game in the bag by now.

I was pleased with the damage output of the Khorne warriors.

But as I said at this point there was little my remaining forces could do to turn the tide.

In the end my frenzied warriors of Khorne made a last charge into the Savage Orks to earn the gaze of the dark Gods but it was all too little too late.

I am pretty booked out for the rest of the week so hopefully lots more to report next week.


  1. As I said your painting mojo is back. That Ur Predator is a great game and I did not know Alister plays Orks..

  2. Good to see you've been using your time well! Fabulous stuff.


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