Saturday, 2 September 2017

Mournfangs and Cowboys. Not something you get to say everyday!

So after three weeks I finally have some chips from the lead mountain to post.

First up, four Mournfang Ogre cavalry.

Can't lie, I am not the biggest fan of this kit. I feel the riders are too top heavy and it throws off the whole aesthetic for me.

It's a shame as I am generally a fan of the Ogre look, even if it is not a favourate of most people.

I figured I wouid paint this lot as 'the glamour boys' of the Ogre army.

For that reason they got more gold and shiney shiney then any of the other units.

They are only painted to a basic table top level as the Titan forge, croc riders are heads and shoulders above these guys and will always be my first pick if I can only field one unit of Mournfangs.

I have Lano finishing off another two croc riders off for me as he did such an amazing job with my first two.

This means this lot will be pushed even further down the pecking order but at least their done.

Despite only being painted to a 'basic' level, the four of them still took over three weeks to complete!

I have no idea how?

I also managed to get another Outlaw finished for my 'Legends of the old west' posse.

This last one was a surprise entry as I managed to get an hour with the brushes last night and after I zenith sprayed him, he seemed pretty much done!

After a  couple of ink washes and some work on the flesh as well as finishing with some edging  he was one and done.

Not bad for under an hour from start to finish!

I had more good news when I pulled out the remains of the Ogre unpainted stuff and discovered how little was left to do!

Of the ten figures remaining at least four are block coloured and ink washed and awaiting completion.

The downer is two of the last to paint is a bloody great big Giant and a Thunder tusk (with riders) but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Now the numbers

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 196

Miniatures bought 113
335 miniatures to go


  1. Oh wow! Superb miniatures and really lovely paint job.

    1. Thanks man. Personally I felt I could have done better but thanks for the compliment.

  2. Good stuff bud, hmmm Ogres and Cowboys.. Brokeback Misty Mountains?

    1. I guess but who is going to be the 'giver' and who is going to be the 'reciever' in the relationship? You have got to hope the Ogre is the mummy or the poor cowboy will never walk again!

  3. Good stuff man, good stuff. Why is one of the cavalry bases different from the other 3 though - do you have ulterior motives? ^.-

    1. Many thanks.

      I could lie and say I have a sly motive for the different base but the truth is I forgot to take the correct pot of paint on holiday so it just got a grey dry brush.

  4. They make a smashing unit even if they're not your favourite, nicely finished :-)


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