Saturday, 9 September 2017

Legends of the Old West. Making a bank withdrawl.

This Friday my brother and I managed to meet up for another game of 'Legends of the Old West'.

With the Lawmen running for their lives last game the Outlaws decide to make an unauthorised withdrawl from the Mare Street bank!

With the Lawmen realising the Outlaws are not in pursuit they rally themselves and head back into town to investigate what is going on. . . . . . .

Unaware of last nights events the town folk of Mare Street go about their daily business.

Suddenly a loud explosion rocks the town as the doors are blown off the Bank's safe and desperado's come bursting out of the bank into the main street!

Desperate to regain their pride the dispersed Lawmen run towards the commotion to apprehend the Outlaws.

Unfortunately one vigilante is too reckless and exposes himself to the Deadly Duke. The Duke cashes in his fame to ensure it is a killing blow!

With the killing machine that is the Lawman Earp fast approaching from the North, the Outlaws skid to a halt and high tail it in the opposite direction.

Only the maniac 'Dude' holds his ground!

Despite the Lawmen having 'the drop' one of my Kids uses his fame to scream FIRE! This allows all outlaws within six inches of the miniature to fire first!

Once again the homicidial Dude fires indiscriminately into a mass of people, engulfing several townsfolk as well as Earp and Masterson!

The Lawmen shrug off this hit and the Outlaws continue their pell mell flight in the opposite direction.

Dutch and Bushy gun down another Vigilante as he tries to apprehend them!

The Vigilantees in the south of the town dive for cover and try to delay the Outlaws long enough for Earp to catch up.

The Outlaws continue to drag their swag towards freedom at half their movement rate.

Gunfire erupts across the alley way as six guns are emptied with wild adandon by both sides.

The construction yard between the two posse's begins to resemble swiss cheese due to the amount of lead it absorbs thanks to 'in the way' tests!

The outlaw 'Oz' also ups the bounty on his head when he guns down an innocent townsman blocking his path!

Back in the North of the town 'Dude' is gunned down as he desperately tries to re-load his sawn-off shotgun!

Earp makes a bead on the fleeing Oz to punish him for his action's, but the long range shot means the bullet lacks the power to wound.

Back in the south the brave vigilantes move to fresh cover and reload their guns for the final showdown!

With luck finally on the side of the Outlaws an amazing roll of the die sees the two Lawmen gunned down on the outskirts of town!

With the Lawmen below 50% Kris wins the drop and has to make a 'head for the hills' test. . . . . .

A roll of three means the Lawmen once again lose their bottle and retreat to fight another day!

 With the coast clear the Outlaws flee the town with all their ill gotten gains.

Post game rolls see two of the Lawmen vigilantes heading for boothill.

This game sees all of my Henchmen survive the game and therefore level up.

My Posse suddenly get a lot more salty and with $43 of swag stolen from the bank they are finally rolling in cash.

The Lawmen certainly have their backs against the wall this time round.


  1. Excellent, with a real feel of a dirty inelegant brawl and a desperate firefight- well done the outlaws :-)

    1. Thanks man. It really was a drag down, dirty, scrap.

      Come on the Outlaws!!


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