Friday, 30 October 2015

Visit to Warhammer World. Part 4 of 4. Inquisimunda Kill Teams. The Battle of Vigos.

Inquisitor Pen Drago stared into the dawn mists enveloping the abandoned Tau base. His gaze was so intent, it was like he was trying to part the mists by force of will alone!

He could feel the indominitable will of the Marines arrayed to the left and right of him. Their pearlescent, blue, armour blending perfectly with the pre-dawn twilight.

ohhhhhhh .. . . . .Misty!

Two young Scouts broke off from the main group and disappeared into the gloom of the surrounding forest. They were trying hard to mimic the stern indifference of their older kin but all their brethren could sense their nervousness!

Rumours persisted of a super weapon called 'The Angel' hidden under the abandoned Tau base, which loomed out of the mist as they trudged ahead.

Pen Drago's mission was to investigate with a small team of Marines to keep the mission covert.

That had been the intent but upon exiting the Warp Gate, several other Shuttle, exhaust trails had been detected. To make matters worse, planet wide scans had shown that a Genestealer coven had infested the central tower! Was this coincidence or signs of a higher intelligence?

Drago had spent a life time travelling the galaxy, fighting all manner of Xenos, he no longer believed in coincidence.

Then the strangest of instances. Another Imperial shuttle had been detected on the dark side of the planet!

More investigators?

If so, were they to be trusted?

All these thoughts were hurled from his mind as warning Klaxons blared through the space vessel! The ships' crew instantly snapped to high alert as a Nurgle Marines', shuttle blasted out of the Warp Gate, careering towards the Planet surface at breakneck speed!

With his hand forced, Pen Drago Ordered the pilot to give chase! The race was on!

One thing I did want to do while at Warhammer World was to get a game in on one of their themed gaming tables.

With me and 2Key looking to kick off our Inquisimunda campaign it had to be this one. . . .

Yep my names on the list!
Which looks like this. . . . .

The rest of the hall looks like this. . . . .

Mark 2Key's forces begin hiding within a Tau outbuilding.

With the race on, 2keys' Assault Marines come storming out of the cover of the  Tau outbuildings.

Lano's Genestealers lie in wait within the walls of the central tower.

My Inquisitor Pen Drago and his kill team of Ultra Marines form a skirmish line and move forward.

2keys Marines enter the compound and trigger the alarms!

Lano rushes the point man and quickly dispatches the only unpainted figure!

Shaggy's Chaos Marines stalk forward while their Chaos spawn  rush forward gibbering madly (bit like us in the Exhibition halls earlier!).

 Their keepers advance more cautiously.

 The first of the Chaos Spawn breach the walls and is quickly set upon.

My missle launcher, Marine fires blindly into the enclosing mist and rolls his first (of many) one(s).

The second wave of 2Keys assault Marines charge forward and avenge their point man.

My Marines try to run forward but a series of low rolls mean they barely bimble forward. This will be a theme throughout the game.

Shaggy's second Spawn breaks through the cordon and makes a break for the tower's doors.

But is set upon by Marks Marines!

Before the survivors are set upon by the remaining Genestealers!

The second wave of Marks Marines breach the walls.

My Missle Marine rolls his third one of the game!

While (Marks) Inquisitor Salazar's escorting Marines attempt to hold back the rampaging Lictor he darts through a portal into the tower.

Battle rages all around the complex as Bolter fire fills the air from every angle!

Spotting their chance the Chaos Marines make a break for the Tower.

But are spotted by Lano, who sets his only free Genestealer after them.

A Chaos Marine scrambles up to the surface of the tower and attempts to activate 'the Angel'.

The house rule is you need to roll a six the first time to active the console and then the number drops by one (for that faction) every turn.

Pen Drago and his escort desperately bring their guns to bear and shred the Chaos Marine in a hail of Bolter fire.

Inquisitor Salazar steps over the twitching corpse of the Chaos Marine and intently scans the control console to  fathom it's workings.

Sensing the threat to it's coven, the Lictor attacks the Marines and sends one of it's children to the top of the tower. . . . 

to stop Inquisitor Salazar in his tracks.

As the two protagonists grapple, the sound of power armoured footsteps can be heard  thundering up the stairs!

Is this the rest of his Escort racing to the rescue Salazar wonders???????????????



The Nurgle Marines stare at the combatants with murderous intent before pitching into the melee. The one unhindered Chaos Marine turns towards the console to activate 'the Angel'!

Suddenly the young form of a Marine Scout bursts onto the roof top, discharges his shot gun and then launches himself at the Chaos Marine desperately pushing buttons!

Can he buy the time needed for the rest of his Battle Kin to make it to the Tower?

The rest of my forces open up with concentrated Bolter fire into the Melee not caring who is friend or foe. Meanwhile my Inquisitor desperately tries to reach the swirling melee atop the tower.

Marks last Marine desperately tries to delay the Lictor. It's appearance atop the tower could be decisive!

Enraged by being flamed and carrying several flesh wounds due to several long range shots from my enclosing Marines the Lictor senses the end and charges the last of 2Keys Marines!

ohhh flame effects!!!!!

Atop the tower, Marks Inquisitor falls under a flurry of blows from the Chaos Marines. My young Scout is grabbed by the throat by a diseased Marine and cast over the edge, with contemptuous ease to plummet to the ground.

Despite the hail of Bolter fire from my surrounding forces the Chaos Marines focus their minds to fathom the working of the alien console and a roll of five activates 'The Angel'!!!!!!

As a pale green beam shoots out of the tower and turns the sky a sickly green hue that hurts the eyes to look upon, Inquisitor Pen Drago knowns all is lost for this sector and his priority is now to escape the planet and report to his superiours!

As Pen Drago signals his men to bug out and return to the shuttle he senses movement in a nearby bush. Spinning round and bringing his pistol to bear, the broken form of the brave scout collapses out of the bush onto the floor!
Knowing that the Emperor moves in mysterious ways and feeling that this young man awaits some great destiny in the future, Drago only pauses long enough to pick up the wounded young Scout, who lays broken upon the ground. By chance the Scout had been cast from the walls into a large bush which broke his fall just enough to allow him to survive.

Now all they had to do was make it back to the Warp Gate!!!


  1. Salazar coughed up blood as he thought about what had just happened. He hadn't taken a beating like that before. This he could not forget or forgive. And who was that other Inquisitor and what was he doing there? This was going to take some looking into...

  2. Is this going to be like those Saturday morning films I used to watch at the cinema?
    "Tune in next week to find out what Salazar does next! Will the young scout survive? What does that light in the clouds mean? And where is the damsel in distress?"

    1. Careful Macca your showing your age ;0)

      One thing I always loved about those films is the film would always start with a completely different beginning the next week! I think our games will have to start the same way as the main protagonists keep dying!

      p.s. 2key is the damsel in distress, surely!

  3. Excuse me!!!
    I'm most certainly am not in distress!


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