Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Over stimulated and over fed! Visit to Warhammer World, part 1 of goodness knows how many!

Just to clarify the following post is photo heavy and contains images of gratuitous 28mm photo porn and has therefore been rated . . . .

First lets get the mood right. .

Then the compulsory pictures of the 1 to 1 scale Rhino out front.

Then the giant Space Marine statue

Up the stairs, get all giggly in the shop, then into the Exhibition rooms and oh my word!

Do love this Black and gold colour scheme on the Great Swords.

Look at the giant!

and now I run back to press my face up against the glass of the AoS Display. IT looks like this. . . . . .

but I probably looked like this . . . .

At this point the expletives and noises we were all making was just getting silly! Sorry to anyone else who was in there with us!

The photos get a bit random as I went a bit ADHD and run from one display case to the next with no rhyme or reason!


I find one of my all time favourates from my White Dwarf buying days.

LOOK IT'S ANOTHER GIANT!!!!!! (Oh no it's just me running round in circles!).


Giant diaroma of Skaven attacking Dwarf stronghold!!!!!!! My brain is melting and seeping out my ears!!!!!

Jump you little stuntie bastard . . . . JUMP!!!!!!!!

None shall pass!!!!

I was not the only one getting the horn.

Get out the way you sods (Thats Snake eyes, Lano and Shaggy [L to R]).

They have their backs to the camera to protect their identity as they are all probably bunking off work!

Next room and it all goes 40K bonkers!!!!!

Below is an example of the outrageous quality these miniatures were painted to!

Might have bought this one below in the shop afterwards!

"Grab your coat. You're coming home with me!"

I know whats on my Christmas list now!!!!

Hint, HINT!


Giant, Gingers in Space, siege diorama.. . . . (spoiler alert there are no giant Gingers!).

Then Neil (who has forged ahead) walks back through the door and pulls this face!!!

"Wait till you go in there!!!"

We walk through the door and it all gets REALLY silly!!!!!!

To be cont. . . . .


  1. Wow! Brilliant post, wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes having read your commentary!

    1. We are all professional men (except for the student Lano ;0)), but we were running round like giddy, little girls, at a One Direction concert.

      We were all 12 year old kids again, it was brilliant!

  2. Who is the guy on the left? He has an enormous bald spot!

    What a day! What day that will be repeated, as I have to take my kids now...

    1. No idea but he kept licking the glass!!!!

      Well your kids are bound to be better behaved then we were!

      P.S. I'M COMING AS WELL!!!!!

    2. Some people! You can't take them anywhere!
      Talking to my friend and trying to work it out so he comes with his kids. You are always welcome, but be warned, when our kids get together it's... Let's just say, it's an experience.

    3. I can just picture them now. . . . lose in Forge World as several grand of Reisn gets knocked over!!!!!

  3. Looks like you had a great visit :-)

    1. It was brilliant!

      I have been stuck with the kids all day in a soft play area, with God knows how many other screaming kids and I am still beaming from ear to ear!

  4. Our faces were pretty much pressed against the glass! It was insane in there!

    1. I know I could see your faces from the other side of the display case ;0)


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