Sunday, 16 November 2014

Goruks Leatherheads. Vulture warriors from dimension X

Unit two of Algae worlds Garrison for Vulture Warriors from Dimension X.............. Goruk's Leatherheads.

"All present and correct Guv"

Have been working on these lads through Orctober but time and tides got in the way and never got to post them in time

This Motley crew are now ready for action !

Roll call....

Leatherhead one

Leatherhead two

Goruk da Boss
Seeing as this is all for a Rogue Trader era game Goruk had to have the old skool black and yellow stripes on his Chainsword a la the original Chainsaw warrior.

another Leatherhead

Catchko with Flamer

Kronkie with Heavy bolter
I am LOVING painting up these blokes and have been flicking through an old Rogue Trader rule book and there is a mob called "Luggrubs Drop legion". Its a very tempting project for next year!

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