Saturday, 29 November 2014

Black Friday Wargaming

This Friday I played Jiri and his Skaven at 1000 points.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera but I can summerise Jiri's misery as;

a) Shooty Shooty = mostly miss.

b) Shooty shooty = Flame throwers missfire and blow up, killing 8 Skaven.

c) Magic = Rubbish.

d) Get Gutter runners gunned down by Outriders, runaway.

e) More shooty shooty = the other flame thrower blows up killing 9 Skaven

f) Jiri chases down and shreds one of my wizards with 2 useless spells (awaking of the woods and there is no bloody trees on the field!).

g) Whats left of Jiri's Clan rats get charged and trampled.

h) Jiri ends the battle with 5 Gutter runners. I end the battle with 15 of my original 20 figures still standing.

It ended as a very black Friday for Jiri and the poor fella suffered the worse rolling I have EVER witnessed.

Although it was very entertaining for the other fellas present to witness the self destruction and utter failure of Jiri's Skaven to do anything useful I had to feel for the fella!

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