Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Killing 3000 + 1

So popped into the Miniature Empire Saturday after work to pick up the bits from "the Killing 3000". Macca was busy polishing off Liams forces in a game of Flames of War.

We start talking about the game last night (which Macca missed out on), one thing leads to another and we are setting up the terrain for "The Killing 3000 + 1". Imagine something like "Big Brothers little Brother".

 Damon appears from behind the counter and produces his Cyber men. Four teams it is

Here we go again! The Pat Sharps are used to sequels

Liam plays as the "Rioteers" and bolts for the cover of the refinery, unlike like last night he actually makes it in one piece this time.

 My "Pat Sharps" run into the cover of the fences and a subtle nod towards Damon is met with a even more subtle nod back. They won't know whats hit them.

Is that WW2 Paras in the trees boss?

Damons Cyber men head towards the refinery it typical Cyber men slow walking style.

"Hang on we are not just undercoated black! You sure we belong to Damon?"

For reasons only Liam can explain he decides to expose both his sniper and commander by having them climb the refinery towers.

I pop off his commander with my sniper (which means he has lost all his command cards) and Damon ranges in on Liams sniper!

Maybe in a past life he was a lemmin!

The Ork commander is heard shouting "follow me Boyz" just before being turned into a sieve
With the loss of Liams two most hitty figures, Damon closes in to finish the job.

Is it me or does the Cyber man boss look like he's dancing in delight?

"Hey lets run out of cover" "It worked for our commander!"

 With my sniper covering both Liams Orks and Macca's Paras, I zig zag my Breaker through the forest to distract Liam from the approaching Cyber men and maybe even finish off one or two survivors from the shoot out (Silver or green, it does not matter to me!).

The remainder of my "Sharps" try to gun down the approaching Paras.

The plan works and Liam goes full auto on my Breaker, leaving the Cyber men to approach unmolested and take pot shots at an Orks which expose themselves (oo er misses).

"We will survive, we will survive"

My sniper tries to pop off the last Ork in revenge for Hambo.

 Damon's Cyber breaker tries to get to grips with the last surviving Ork.

"We come in peace.......... shoot to kill"

With no Orks or Paras left to shoot the only honourable thing to do is .......................... open up with both barrels on my former allies commander!

"he still doing that stupid dance....... pop him off!"

End game. The surviving players count their  bounties. Managed to pull this one out of the bag!

yep hes still dancing!

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