Sunday, 20 July 2014

Rogue Trader Imperial Guardsmen. It was acceptable in the 80's

So I'm on a bit of a Retrospective blast from the past this week.

Space Hulk on Thursday and painting up a bunch of 80's Imperial Guard loft finds Saturday for next weeks "The Killing 3000".

Introducing the "Pat Sharps"

the original Motley crew

Some (most !) of you may be too young to get the reference but they are named after this fella.

NEVER underestimate the power of the Mullet!
The "Pat Sharps" are a group of 80's Guardsmen who have entered the Killing 3000 to fund research into a time machine as they are desperate to get back to a time when bug eyed glasses, big shoulder pads and MULLETS were cool.

First up is Sergeant Acrone

I want your gun and your badge!

In the tradition of the 80's he is the token Black Sergeant / Police Captain.

As is in keeping he is the archetypal hard bitten, angry / stressed dude always looking to "take their guns and badges" or "Chew their arses" in the fine tradition of
Louis Gossett Jr = An officer and a gentlemen
Gilbert R. Hill = Beverly Hills Cop
Al Matthews = Aliens
Robert DoQui = Robocop
etc, etc, etc.

Next up is Breaker John Hambo

"unintelligible grunts"
Despite always starting a battle fully dressed, he always manages to lose his sleeves and helmet within 15 minutes of the opening credits.

He is the archetypal lone wolf, lone gun, loner etc war vet who speaks in inintelligible grunts and spends ages making elaborate booby traps out of wooden spikes with his trusty serrated survival knife with compass in the handle (which does not work of you hold it next to the knife).

Next up is Sniper Danny Vondito

He provides the comic relief circa Joe Pesci ( Lethal Weapon), Danny Devito (take your pick) etc, etc, etc.

Last but not least Pat(ricia) Sharpe

Male of Female.... you decide
Not sure if this supposed to be a male or female figure? But it does harness the power of the Mullet!

yep thats definately a mullet!
To be honest it does not matter if it male or female, as it is fully in keeping with the "Gender bending" of the 80's i.e. David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Boy George, New York Dolls etc.

Knocked this lot out in about 3 hours and to be honest I loved every minute of it. 

One of my favourate blogs is the Leadpile but have never really understood the appeal of collecting the old figures until now.

I really was transported back to being 15 again. Yes the miniatures are god awful and there was some really poor casting but the joy I experienced while painting these figures was a fantastic experience.

I do not see my self becoming a 30K or Oldhammer player but will look at my next loft finds in a new light.

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