Wednesday, 20 April 2022

I LOVE GOLD!! Stormcast army completed


Hello. Yep I'm alive!

More proof of life after the break

I honestly have no idea why my blogging has been so slack but I will try to be more consistant through the rest of the year.

First up I figured I will post my Stormcast army.

This was kindly donated to me by Phil one of the Nomads.

He wants me to play AoS and the crafty sod knew if he gave me one of his old armies I would paint it; and if you have a painted army why not play with it?

So here is the army after I had painted Phil's kind contribution.

Then I combined with the Golden boys I already had thanks to Underworlds.

. . . . . and then the Dominions boxset dropped and I got FOMO. . . . . 

They got a run out against Skaven. . . . . Skaven are still dicks in AoS!

Stay safe and hopefully more updates soon(ish)


  1. Well, you don't update quite often, but when you do...
    Wow, fantastic work indeed, but seeing them in battle is even better!

    1. Thanks. I do hope to be less tardy from now on.

  2. Nice to see you are still about and painting mate! Nice bunch of goldenrods too.

    Looking forward to seeing more updates!

    1. Thanks. Have been busy with the brushes just not the blogging.
      Should be more consistant in the future.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks man. Loving your stuff in instagram.


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