Monday, 3 May 2021

Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition. 6000 points of Empire Vs Warriors of Chaos


Over the Easter Lee and I decided we needed a big battle to blow off all the rust from lock down.

6000 points of epicness was agreed!!

More after the cut.

Lee musters his forces and as always it is a thing of beauty!

I set out my 6000 points of bad intensions.

Our forces are deployed.

First turn and my forces on my right advance into the Imperials guns . . . . 

Loses are less than I expected.

Turn two and my forces on my left clash with the vanguarded forces of the Empire but the rest of my left hang back to try to force a failed charge form the Imperial cavalry.

Lee does commit his steam tank to hold the centre and probably save it from being blasted with 'Lore of metal' spells.

Turn three and my right advances right up to the forces defending the Imperial artillery.

My Gorebeast Chariots try to dislodge the Steam tank from the centre.

On my left I continue to create a bulge for the Imperial cavalry to charge into. The hope is to crash into the flank of whatever risks the alpha strike to collapse the Imperial charge.

The ragged remains of my Knights of Khorne crash into combat before they are all shot off the table.

The pressure on the Imperial left grows!

How the table looks at the end of turn three.

Turn four and I decide now is the time to strike!!

My Giant and Warriors of Khorne charge in to nerf the Imperial Charge.

In the Centre Karl Franz swoops in to sure up the Imperial centre.

On my right my forces rip the defenders of the Imperial Artillery apart in revenge for the cannonades they have had to endure!

At the end of turn four the entire board has erupted in combat!

Turn 5 and the Imperial hero threads the needle and assassinates my Level 4 Sorcerer!

The rest of my forces on my left continue to try to break the flank and completely neutralise the Imperial assault.

Despite the presence of Karl Franz the Imperial centre starts to buckle!

Any remnants of the Imperial Artillery are smashed to splinters as the forces of Chaos storm the hill despite their heavy losses!

In the centre Throgg charges out from his unit of Trolls and attempts to dissolve the Steam tank with copious amounts of vomit!

On my left the grind finally starts to turn in my favour.

Desperate to turn the tide Lee commits his Reiksguard against the Trolls.

The carnage continues in the centre!

Despite the heavy losses the Empire has masses in reserve. Have the Chaos losses been sufficient for the lesser soldiery of the Empire to carry the day?  

If they are to carry the day they will need to be quick as the Imperial centre continues to crumble under the intense pressure of the Chaos assault!

The Imperial infantry march forth to shore up the Empire right flank . . .

In an act of petty revenge I have my Trolls vomit all over the Hero of the Empire 😈

Despite the unrelenting pressure the Imperial Steam tank refuses to give an inch!

Also in the centre Karl Franz continues to inspire his men to fight on!

Despite this heroism it can only be a matter of time before the centre collapses as more of the Chaos right flank rush to join the fray!!

Turn six and the exhausted remains of both forces are feed into the meat grinder to finally swing the balance and rout their opponent!

The Giant finally falls but it is too little too late for the forces bottled up behind to save the day!

Karl Franz is left standing before the mass of Chaos forces and only the setting of the sun saves him from being pulled down from his mount!

In the final tally the Forces of Chaos are declared the winner!

Another quality mass battle against Lee.

This time there was no last minute heroic charges or sweeping spells to turn the battle and it was a solid tactical battle from beginning to end.

Can't wait to do it again.


  1. Wow, so many units and so little room to maneuver, and yet, it seems some very good tactics on your part won the day! Great looking battle and a fun one to follow through - good stuff mate!

  2. Looked epic mate...But how do you play Warhammer again?


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