Monday, 11 June 2018

The silencing of the Choir. 2000pts WHF Battle

This Sunday Lee and I met up at IWG to have a 2000 point throw down.

Little was I to know this would turn out to be my 3rd workout of the day as I was sweating so much by the end!

For once Lee goes for a much broader front then normal. This throws me off at first as I had gone with units specifically to smash through his preferred strong flank.  . . . . . So much for that plan!

I win the first turn and march forward aggressively. First magic phase I target a unit of heavily armored Knights as the first victims of 'searing doom'.

I am more then pleased when half the unit disappear in a puff of smoke! Then . . . . .

Half my own unit disappear in the magical feedback and my Sorcerer narrowly avoids being sucked off into the warp!!

Lee's first turn and his hard riding 'Pistolliers' come galloping round my flank and start to whittle away my Warriors of Nurgle (proxied by Beastmen).

Figuring the remaining Knights will be destroyed next turn Lee orders them to charge!!

Unfortunately still dazed and confused from the decimation of their comrades the charge is ineffectual and the Knights are ripped apart in the following melee!

On my right my Chaos Knights are exposed to a barrage of black powder shot and turn and flee for cover . . . Which panics my Warhounds and they follow suit!!

I decide to use the temple in the centre as a fulcrum to anchor my attack on.

The hope is I can decimate the right flank of Lee's army before the left flank turns up.

Here is how the battle field stood at the end of turn two. I thought WHF was supposed to be a slow, ponderous game!

Figuring I could potentially face a massed charge on my left, I try to use the terrain to block out the second charge. . . . It actually bloody works!!

The rest of Lee's right flank circle round my Nurgle Warriors!!!

In order to silence the 'choir of Sigmar' (as Lee has named his battery of mortars) I decide to charge out with my Sorcerer and Exalted Hero. My Warriors do not make the charge.

It's a risky move but I also hope the splitting up of this unit will give me more tactical options.

On my left, the slaying of some of the Nurgle warriors opens up a charge lane for my Gore beast chariot.

It bit not go well for the Pistolliers!!

The Reiksguard and Warriors of Nurgle start the grind and rip lumps off each other!

The Gore beast chariot is counter charged by the Imperial forces.

The Nurgle warriors are decimated in the next round of melee and are cut down as they turn to flee!

Urged on by a Priest of Sigmar, Lee's spearmen charge the remaining Warriors of Tzeentch.

The Exalted hero with the BSB moves up to support.

My Warhounds race forward to redirect the Imperial forces surging forward to support their left flank.

Despite the presence of their BSB the Warriors of Tzeentch flee from the spearmen but my Exalted Hero stands his ground.

As hoped my solo Sorcerer is able to move into a position to snipe the remaining Reiksguard with 'Searing Doom'.

I go all in with the dice and a miscast gets the boosted spell off.

The Reikguard disappear in a blast of magical fury and I roll the best possible result of the 'miscast table' . . . . RESULT!!

"I see you!!"
My Exalted hero slays Lee's 'War priest' in single combat  which buys time for my rallied Chaos Knights to come crashing into the Spearmen rear!!

The decimation of the Spearmen proves too much for them and they break!

Caught up in the blood lust and fearing a barrage of lead in their backs from the remaining Pistolliers and hand gunners both my units decide to chase down the fleeing Spearmen . . . . . . STRAIGHT into the charge lane of the Altar of Sigmar!!!!!

Seizing the opportunity in both hands Lee crashes into the flank of my Chaos Knights!!

The Imperial Lord wipes out the Chaos Knights but with the sun setting on the Battle field the Champions of both armies can only glare balefully at each other as time is called on the game with the completion of turn six!!

As the dust settles on the battlefield the game is declared a draw by virtue of both my Heros surviving the battle!!

The pitiful remains of both armies!


That was cut and thrust from the off with neither side asking for or showing any quarter!

Thanks for the top game Lee!


  1. Oh my word! An epic encounter.

    1. Absolutely down to the wire. I had three figures left on the field at the end of turn six!

  2. Loved that batrep ! Makes me want to get my own WFB armies out again. Of course the painting of both armies made the game even better.

    1. Cheers for the compliments. It is always worth returning the 8th ;0)

  3. Nail biting stuff there Riot, as you said not a slow game at all, tonnes of movement and some great combats :-)


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