Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Blood in the Badlands. You want a taster? . . . . . . Taste this!

With Shaggy of 'Shaggy Wargaming' fame deciding to dip his toes into the Badlands with his Dwarves I was asked to give him a 2000 point taster last Friday.

Lano had already introduced him to the 'Comet of Casandora' in his first game so he had not been given the gentlest of introductions to 8th edition WHF. . . . . .

. . . . Now I was about to add to the pain by showing him how an Ogre 'Gut star' works.

Yer I was a bit of a dick!

Lano gives Shaggy a hill to deploy on to give his organ guns and cannons a lovely field of fire.

But I show him how quick Ogres are and rush forward. Probably against his better judgement he decides to charge his Dwarf Warriors into combat with my Meatbus!

and the (dwarf) bodies start to fall.

Then my Ironblaster charges into the Dwarf exposed flank!

Then the Ogres really start to warm up!

The Dwarves turn to flee and I decide to over run with both units in order to close with the Dwarf artillery even quicker.

Thankfully my Ironblaster rolls high enough to over run into the Dwarf Firedrakes and deny them an opportunity to 'stand and shoot'.

The Troll Slayers try to stem the tide and charge into my Mournfangs.

The Dwarf Thunderers are absolutely decimated by fire balls and Leadbelchers!

Despite their high leadership they turn and flee the field!

The Dwarven expeditionary force is reduced to two Gyrocopters and maybe twenty Dwarves at this point.

At this point we called game.

Despite me being a dick Shaggy seemed to enjoy himself and hopefully he will continue to cut his teeth on 8th in the Badlands.


  1. Its a hard, dangerous world you step into, when you place your miniatures on the table :-)

    1. It would appear we are all playing for keeps in the Badlands.

  2. First I must apologise for the sea of black and grey minis but thanks for the game as I enjoy it alot and I learnt something new especially about the deadly meat train and how fast it is!

    I look forward to another game soon mate.

    1. Yer, sorry man I was a bit too keen.

      Mostly because it counted towards the Badlands campaign. . . There is no mercy in the Badlands! ;0)


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