Tuesday, 25 April 2017

So I think I have finally gone bonkers!!

So last week I found myself painting a real rock to make it look MORE like a rock!!!

Even as I was painting it I was having a monolouge with myself about how mental it was so I can't be completely gone.

BUT is it just me or does it just look better?

Unfortunately there is no way I can add this to my painting total for the year. . . .can I?

By the way this is not my post Salute Ta - DAAAAAA!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Salute 2017

So I finally crumbled due to having a bit of a shopping list and decided to go to Salute this year.

I had the lad in tow and the poor little fella was absolutely hanging by the end as he had already had his Thai Boxing class that morning and had been promoted to the 9 year old class. (he's only 7). If that was not enough for him he also took his first proper punch in the face!

So what does any sympathetic Dad do . . . . . . Drag him off to Salute straight afterwards of course!!!!!

Having him shoot me daggers when I said "Just one more stall" did curb the time I spent there and therefore the amount I spent and a lot of the traders did not have the bits there I wanted so it was not the usual bonanza.

I did buy some bits from Osprey. . . .

. . . . . and had a good chat with Craig if 'IHMN' fame but on the whole Salute did not feel as 'big' this year.

The above items are not my only purchases but I want to do a big 'Ta - DAHHHHHH!!!!' as I am already smashing through the bits I bought yesterday.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

More Ogres!!!!!

Over the Bank holiday I managed to finish off another two Ogres.

Once again these were miniatures I had been block colouring and ink washing through the winter months so as soon as I get a decent stint of good painting light I can attempt to finish them off.

First up is my standard bearer for my Ironguts.

Went with a red banner as it contrasts nicely with the green banner for the Ogre Bulls unit and also with the very pale skin of the standard bearer.

In an attempt to associate them with my Empire army I also painted the imperial shields adorning the miniature to match the paint job of my Imperial Army Knights "The second sons".

I am practising my pale skin tones in preperation for some 'AoS 28' stuff I have planned over the summer months.

I was surprised how good he looked in the close up considering this is my first attempt with the colour scheme.

Second up is a Leadbelcher.

Good news about this figure is it also made me finally finish up a Gnobblar!

I also tried some OSL effects from the torch on the side of the Ogre face but not sure how successful it was.

Looks fine for a table top standard figure.

I am thinking of having one of my Armies for 'Blood in the Badlands' based on a beast tamer tribe with lots of the more fauna based elements of the Ogres lists, with hunters and some of the bigger beasties from the rare section of the army lists in abundance!

Now the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 100

Miniatures bought 16 due to new Mordheim campaign, Riotville live! and Paths to Glory.
370 miniatures to go!
Really glad to have broken the 100 miniatures painted or sold so soon into the year but I am off to Salute next week so expect the unpainted total to rise sharply again!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

The lord of Mordheim. The end of a 15 month campaign!!

Lord Crashart peered into the surrounding gloom and sighed heavily. This would be the last push to displace the Dwarves from the east of the river. He had emptied his coffers to recruit as many men as possible and had even called in a favour to have his old mucker Arnold Legbreaker join them for some added muscle. How Crashart was going to feed the big oaf was anyone's guess. Maybe Crash could shove him in front of a crossbow bolt during the battle?

How had it turned to shit so quick? This was supposed to be a simple 'smash and grab' into Mordheim while on the way to his retirement to that little brothel in Tilea.

15 months later and here he still was! Bearly scratching a living from the daily raids into Mordheim. His retirement funds pissed up the wall and hardly a bean to his name. His only choice now was to claim this God's forsaken pile of dirt as his own and fight off all comers to reap it's supposed riches.

Crash stared along the line of the remnants of his warband. How many had fallen in the twisting alleys and deserted courtyards of the cursed city over the last 15 months? How many of his starting warband were standing here today? Did he really care?

No, not really! Better anyone else then him!

Did 'Crazy Joe' and the others really think he did not know of their plan to knife him in the back on one of their many missions into Mordheim and leave him here to rot? Did they really think he did not know of their disdain for him?

'Well here I stand you bastards!' he thought, and come the day when he no longer needed them there would be a reckoning!

But for now there was only the battle ahead. Crashart checked his powder one last time, kissed his lucky charm and ordered his men forward. . . . . 

There could be no escape from  Mordheim!

Friday, 14 April 2017

Blood in the Badlands purchases and a REALLY slow computer!!

Originally this was only going to be a short post about the upcoming 'Blood in the Badlands' campaign my gaming group are going to play for our summer offensive.


So thats Triumph and Treachery which I have only played twice but absolutely LOVED!, Storm of Magic (which I have yet to play) and the Blood in the Badlands campaign book which I have already read through twice while away on holiday and cannot wait to get my teeth into!

So that was going to be the post but then I decided to run a chk dsk and defrag when I started up the computer and it was so slow I also managed to finish up this fella while my computer was sorting itself out!!!

An Ogre Bull, standard bearer.

Once again a quick and easy colour scheme for speed.

 Not completely happy with how the banner has turned out but he is one and done.

I still have several Ogres to finish and it now looks like they will need reinforcements for the upcoming campaign (as well as a couple of monsters for the Storm of Magic battles) so I need to get busy again with the brushes.

Now the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 92

Miniatures bought 16 due to new Mordheim campaign, Riotville live! and Paths to Glory.
388 miniatures to go!

Due to this campaign it looks like I am off to Salute next week so expect the unpainted total to rise sharply soon.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Out of the blue, finally some painting time!! Titan forge Ogres and Dire Wolves

Had an amazing surprise this morning when the wife informed me she was heading into work during the Easter break, THEN told me that the kids had a 2 hour cycling course starting at ten o' clock just down the road. . . . . . I would have the place to myself for nearly two hours!!

Only one thing for it. . . . Out come the paints. . . . . .

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Could we be back in action?

This might be a false dawn but I think I am back in action.

Back on the 25th of March I managed to get in a game of WHF (8th) against Lano's High Elves. . . .

Battle report (finally) after the break!

Monday, 27 March 2017

Technical difficulties. . . . . . please stand by.

Sorry folks but should hopefully have this sorted by mid April.

This post took over 45minutes to post so I need to get this sorted before I completely lose the plot!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Throw back Thursday. Leading Edge games Aliens (1989)

With the sad passing of Bill Paxton we had decided to pull out a classic at the next meeting at the Creative Biscuit and play a game of Leading Edge's 1989 / 1990 version of Alien and the Aliens expansion games.

Bill Paxton just seemed to be a constant of my teenage years with his appearences in Wierd Science, Near Dark and of course the immortal Aliens amoung many others.

I had to mark his passing.

Tim and Macca were willing participants so they buckled up their M3 body armour, locked and loaded their M41A pulse rifles and climbed aboard the UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship for a 'express elevator to Hell, going down!'.

Mission one was the 'Reactor room' mission were they investigate the finding of the missing colonists.

Suddenly the motion sensors light up as multiple signals fill the screens.

The battle was fast and furious with only 3 Marines managing to exit the reactor room.

A bad roll of the die saw Ferro crash the dropship limiting the surviving marines ammo options.

Because Macca 'Don't leave our own behind', he and Tim load up what remains of their weaponry and headed back into the reactor room lower levels to rescue their brothers in arms. . . . . . . 

All contact was lost!!!!

Played the game with a RPG vibe and it really seemed to work with the fella's clueless about what was happening and suitably paranoid and jittery as the games progressed!

On a side note the first battles of the Path to Glory last Sunday was an absolute blast with all sorts of shernanigans going on. Ended up with an additional 4 Chaos hounds and a chosen of Chaos. No photos as we had all sorts of proxies (including Elves!!!!!) and unpainted miniatures in the table so we decided no photos to save everyones blushes!

Friday, 10 March 2017

2000 points WHF battle vs Lee's Empire

Second game of last sunday was a 2000 point tussle against Lee.

To my great surprise Lee pulled out 2000 points of Empire!

But they were a great looking army!!

Photos after the break.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

1000 points WHF battle vs Phil's Skaven

First game I had Sunday was against Phil and his bloody Skaven.

It was only a 1000 point scuffle as Phil had arranged a 1000 point battle with Ed and I had 2000 points lined up against Lee.

We set out the following forces while we waited for the other two to turn up.

Monday, 6 March 2017

First tentative step on my 'Path to glory'

Lee's beautiful Slaanesh warband

Sunday was a bit of a game fest with THREE games squeezed in!!

One of the three games was a taster game against Lee to see how 7th edition 'Path to Glory' would play out with 8th edition rules?

It turned out really, REALLY badly!!

What we found out was magic is massively overpowered for this type of skirmish game!!

Basically my Pink Horror decimated Lee's warband before it blew itself to pieces.

Then my Ogre run down and killed his aspiring champion!

Well I am glad we found that out before we kick off for real next week.

Now plans are afoot to nerf magic (maybe revisiting 7th edition for that one!)

Looks like this is going to end up a real mish mash of rules but then again it is chaos!!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Orge army, stat cards

Daxio asked me to post a template of my Ogre army cards.

Better late then never mate!


Monday, 27 February 2017

Animal cunning Vs Brute force and ignorance. WHF 2000 point battle report

Last Saturday I spent over 12 hours slogging through the new Learning Trusts ill conceived plan to change students statements into Education health care plans!!

All this bollocks so it's now called a EHCP rather then a SEN statement. Just bollocks so someone sitting in an office somewhere can justify their job!!

And somehow I become the expert on a student with Cerebral Palsy up until the age of 25!!!!!! I just want to play with little soldiers!!!!

Then I had to spend most of Sunday looking after the kids so the misses could catch up with her mountain of paperwork. . . . . .all so I could play WHF against Phil and his bloody Skaven.

 So was it worth it???????????????

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Back for seconds. Ogres Vs Orcs and Goblins, WHF 1850 points battle.

With Lano up in Birmingham for Smogcom and playing Warmachine for four days straight (he's Chinese so does not seem to need sleep!) Lee and I decided to meet up at Ilford Wargames Club to lock horns over a game of fantasy.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Scarblade the Immortal. Path to Glory, Aspiring champion

With the colour scheme still not nailed down for my original Aspiring champion I was at a bit of a loss at what to do . . . .then digging through the cupboard of grey shame I come across this little plastic lump of old Skool goodness!

Yep an old Hero quest Chaos Warrior!!!!

I have no idea where this fella come from as I have never owned any of the original Hero Quest games and don't remember buying any Warhammer fantasy boxsets back in the day so maybe this fella is a gift from Tzeentch itself!!

Any who, how could he not be included in a 'Paths to Glory' warband?

He got some upgrades thanks to a marauder cape I had floating about, a Skorne banner which fitted perfectly and some Green stuff fur (sorry PETA!).

Still unsure which way to go with my Aspiring Champion armour I tried out a GW technical paint called 'Soulstone blue'.

Found out it is VERY glossy and needed a wash of Nuln oil to calm things down.

Considering the crudeness of the sculpt and using new techniques I am happy with how he turned out (especially the banner).

He will start out as my Aspiring Champion and then will be relegated into a regular Chaos Warrior once I figure out what I am going to do with my original Aspiring Champion.

I also finished off a Direwolf (sorry Chaos Hound) for my Warband.

Only a basic paint job of zenith sprays and inkwashes but he is done and I am getting much better at being able to walk away from stuff once it has reached the appropriate level of paint job!

Looks fine considering the speed it was painted!

Looking forward to rolling up another couple of these in the future so they can get some table time.

And here is how the 'Heralds of Change' currently look.

Only 'Grundog the Shunned' to finish up!

Now the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 24

Miniatures bought 16 due to new Mordheim campaign, Riotville live! and Paths to Glory.

456 miniatures to go!

"Wow with a cool banner like that how can I not follow you?"

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Swords of change! Path to Glory, Chaos Warriors.

With the half term kicking in and the great sunshine yesterday I finally got to get some decent painting in.

What I planned to do was add the finishing touches to my Ogres.

Of course what really happened was I pulled out brand new miniatures for my Paths to Glory warband.

Here is how my warband currently stands.

First up the 'Swords of change' my three Chaos Warriors I rolled up.

I do like the colour of the capes and figure I will use that colour for the next batch of Chaos warriors I roll up.

I have pulled out my Dark Oath Champion from the Silver Tower box set as the first of my Marauders.

I also get to field one of the gorgeous Pink Horrors from the Silver Tower set as well. It only comes with two of these so might have to buy a box of Pink Horrors in the future.

I also pulled out one of the gorgeous Titan Forge Direwolves.

It is only once I put it down next to the Chaos Warrior I realised how big it was!

Cannot wait to see a pack of these running down solos in a future game.

My main colour for the Chaos Armour is a number of blue washes over a purple wash. I am not completely sold on it so figure I will try different effects as I roll up additional forces.

I figure I can get away with it as it's Chaos so they should not be too coherent.

I have also finished kit bashing and Green stuffing 'Grundog the Shunned' my Chaos Ogre.

One final group shot in the sunshine. I still have my Aspiring Champion to assemble but my warband is well on it's way!

Now the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 22

Miniatures bought 16 due to new Mordheim campaign, Riotville live! and Paths to Glory.

458 miniatures to go!

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