Monday, 18 May 2020

May update

The painting binge continues.

LOTS more after the break.

First up another of Foundry miniatures discontinued 2000AD range; Ukko the dwarf.

Slaine was always one of my favourite characters so when I saw his little side kick I had to buy him.

He's a little rushed but I wanted something finished in one sitting. From bare metal to finished in under 2 hours.


Next up the other Gorebeast chariot for my Khorne army.

Made the crew removable so I can proxy it into my Beastman army.

Here is a group shot of my 1250 point Khorne army for the first season of Blood in the bad lands.

Epping forest continues to be a welcome relief for my daily exercise.

Here is a photo of the location for next years Riotville LIVE!!

We tried playing 'Dungeon Mayhem' over zoom . . . . . . Nightmare!!

Next up the two Beastman crews for the proxy Tuskor chariots.

for a change of pace I then finished up another of my brothers Black Scorpion Miniature, cowboys.

My daughter has also returned to the painting table.

Next up I finished 5 Ungor raiders.

This saw me finish my 1000 point Beastman army for the Badlands.


In other news with the extra time at home I have really got back into my fitness.

Could not do this before lock down!

The wife and kids were most impressed.

Next I got 5 Chaos Knights finished . . . . .

Phil and Grunt

 . . . . as well as 10 Blood letters.

This leaves my 'Chaos; shelf looking like this. . . .

Not bad considering this only had 10 Warriors of Chaos on in before lock down!

This also saw me pass the 100 miniatures painted for the year mark.

I celebrated by digging into my old skool lead pile.

First up I finished this 1989 Blood Bowl, Dark elf, Cheerleader.

This gave me a thirst for some more Blood Bowl miniatures so I cracked open my modern Ogre team.

After painting the 1989 miniature I had a re-appreciation of the crispness of the modern sculpts!!



They are on square bases as I will use them in my 8th edition Ogre army.

While digging through my lead pile I come across this Midlam miniatures Kickstarter Gnome.

He went straight to the front of the painting que.

With all this old skool lust in my veins I dug RIGHT back to the very origin of my 'grey shame'; this 1977 Airfix Medieval soldier I bought when I was 3 or 4!

Found him at the bottom of a box of original Star war toys my mother dropped over after having a clear out!

I remember Airfix Royal Marine soldiers being the first ever things I tried to paint as a kid.

40+ years this fella has waited to be painted!!!!!

"Listen sonny. Back in my day . . . . . . ."
The old skool purge continued.

First this old metal Gor.

He sort of blends in with all the other ungors and Gors I have also painted.

And then I found this lovely old Marauder miniatures Goblin Shaman.

While I was painting these I also churned out the rest of the Bloodbowl Gnoblers.

Enjoying painting metal mini again I finished off this Hasslefree miniatures Dwarf.

I also come across some 1997 Ungors.

The photo above just make me think of a 'bring your kid to work' day.

I also had a lovely surprise when I was putting up some new book shelves in my sons room and found he had started making his own figures out of blue tac.

Something about this sculpt I just find adorable.

We have discussed him having a go with some 'green stuff' so we will see how that goes.

Finally my daughter and I decided to have a go painting the same miniature.

It was great fun!

So there is your May update and I can't lie I am chuffed with how much I have got done.

Here is the numbers.

Bought this year 8

Painted / sold this year 133

remaining 349

I am seriously wondering if I can get this last total under 200 miniatures?


  1. I can't believe that we are rattling towards the end of May already! Another tremendous outpouring this month, amazing progress.

  2. You are absolutely knocking it out of the park! I've had a bit of a slump and this is really inspiring.

  3. Love what you are doing with the ol' Beasties, better then sitting unloved in my draws (Ohhh err).

    1. Thanks man. Hopefully they will be rampaging through the Badlands sooner rather then later.

  4. Cracking work and an amazing quantity of figures completed!

    It may be worth starting the little one off with sculpey instead of greenstuff as its more like plasticine until it's cooked so is a bit easier to work with, not to mention a bit cheaper!

    1. Thanks for the tip. We have ordered some for the lad.

  5. Seriously, you (and your daughter) are making the most of the lockdown! I'm impressed! Bravo! (For all!)

    1. I have to take a positive out of all this crazyness.

  6. Crikey - busy, busy! Particularly like Ukko - great job!

    1. Thanks. Ukko was a really fun paint.

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