Sunday, 12 August 2018

So we are moving (IRL).

So that's it for now.

The moving vans turn up at 7am tomorrow morning and the Dunnage Clan is on the move.

This is NOT all my 28mm crap. Not even close
Hope to have occassional updates as a sign of life until the house is sorted but with my paints and mini's all packed away, blogging will be minimal.

Hopefully normal service (whatever that means) will resume sooner rather than later.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Shadow war Armageddon at Shaggy's part 3

The third and final game of the day would see Shaggy trying to get revenge on my Inquisitor by raiding his base and blowing up the door to his resources!

Friday, 10 August 2018

Shadow war Armageddon at Shaggy's part 2

 The next mission we played was an 'ambush' mission.

This would see my warband holed up in their bunker and the Catachans would have the opportunity to ambush me.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Shadow war Armageddon at Shaggy's part 1.

Despite preparing fpr the move I decided I needed a game of little soldiers so Shaggy and I met up at his for a day of Shadow Wars.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

More random painting and we are moving!

Another two random Minotaurs finished.

I have really enjoyed painting these but it could just be the change in miniatures.

In other news the Dunnage Clan is moving home next week so blogging will be on a hiatus until I get back to work!

We have a TON of building work to do on the new place before we can even consider connecting internet etc so blogging is going to be very sporadic for the rest of the year.

In September I start my new Head of Year role as well so my opportunities to blog at work will be few and far between.

Hopefully normal service will resume sooner rather then later.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Sally 4th: Shadespire Storage Solution

Just wanted to give a quick plug to a genius storage set my mate Shaggy of 'Shaggy Wargaming' fame has designed and help develop with Sally 4th!

It has all the bits and pieces you need for Shadespire conveniently stored away in a 19 litre 'Really useful' plastic box.


Where am I going to keep all these?

Well now I have a solution!!

For a full review by the man himself please check out the link below

To buy the product please check out the link direct to Sally 4th

 Genius I tell yer, GENIUS!!

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Random summer painting.

Just a quick post as a sign of life.

Here is some random summer painting bits after the break

Monday, 30 July 2018

Unleash the Beast. 2000 point WHF battle report

With Phil and Lano in Brighton throwing down in a Warmachine tournament Lee and I decided to meet up at our favourate alternate wargaming venue, Ilford Wargaming club.

Seeing as this was not officially part of the 'Summer offensive' I decided to give my Beastman army a run out.

This is actually the third army I have in the campaign. It is currently sitting on the Vampire kingdom's border but I have not had the courage to field it . . . . .until now!

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Silver Tower; Trail of Ulgu


With the heat just being unrelenting in London at the moment the lad and I just wanted to sit there and sweat.

Then we decided we might as well play 'Silver Tower' while we were sitting there!

Monday, 23 July 2018

The battle of the bulge. . . . Warhammer fantasy style.

With Lano's Wood Elves rampaging through my territories in our summer campaign I was forced to confront him in order to stop the rot.

I was also worried about the other generals following Macca's example and making a land grab on my divided kingdom!!

For this reason I found my General mustering his forces against the feared Elves!

Friday, 20 July 2018

Mad Maegrim of the 'Chosen Axes', the first of my summer random miniatures

So here is Mad Maegrim the first of what I think is going to be a string of painting with no rhyme of reason.

This is a 'Fyre Slayer' from the 'Chosen Axes' Shadespire set.

Another quick and easy paint scheme to help me get my eye in after a 7 month painting break.

I even used . . . . GASP!!  . . . . . some dry brushing!!!!!!

I know the shame. Please don't tell Lano!

In other news Tim and I managed to squeeze in TWO games of Scythe last night in under 3 hours!!

Played the first games as the 'Swedes' and the second games as the 'Japanese'. Some how managed to win with both games!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

BOLY 2018 prep. Legends of the Old West, Largo

With Bring out your lead only 16 days away (and counting) I decided to blog my preperation so far.

I posted on the Oldhammer forum about hosting a game but as I'm not one of the 'big hitters' I did not really expect a response. So imagine my surprise when several people showed an interest!!

With that in mind I decided to construct Largo just to see where I was. . . . .

Monday, 16 July 2018

Miracles do happen . . . . I've painted something!!!!!

"I AM PAINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

With the finish of the world cup Sunday and my 'Fallout shelter' at 200 thriving settlers and all the quests nearly completed I found my self once again picking up the brushes!

I picked this out of the lead pile for no other reason then it has always been one of my favourates.

Kept it quick and easy but it's good to break my duck and more painting could be on the cards!

"It's good to be back!" (pun intended)

Monday, 9 July 2018

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Silver Tower; Trail of Ghur

This last weekend the lad and I sat down to play the third quest in our ongoing search for an escape from the 'Silver Tower'.

We had a lovely surprise when the wife plonked herself down and asked us if she could join the party.

I rushed up stairs and pulled out 'Slayonce' as her proxy for the Fyreslayer.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Silver Tower; Trail of Chamon

Mid-week the lad and I managed to play through another trail of the Silver Tower.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Silver tower; The Trial of Hysh.

With the lad and I too drained from the heat to do anything physical and the wife putting us both on a 'tech ban' for the day we decided to go questing in the Silver Tower.

Friday, 22 June 2018


After a long hiatus I finally managed to make it down to the Creative Biscuit to meet with the rest of the lads.

Monday, 11 June 2018

The silencing of the Choir. 2000pts WHF Battle

This Sunday Lee and I met up at IWG to have a 2000 point throw down.

Little was I to know this would turn out to be my 3rd workout of the day as I was sweating so much by the end!

Saturday, 2 June 2018

It's OK Doc. I'll walk it off! Old operating theatre museum, London

With the half term in full effect and the kids needing to do some research for their school projects I dragged them off to another of my little secret places; the Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret, near the Shard.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Ogres Vs Tinned food. 2000 point WHF throw down

With the Warriors of Chaos vanquished by the Green Knight last battle my Ogres decided to show the Chaos Warriors how it should be done and invaded the Imperial lands to draw out Lee's force of Bretonnians.

The Bretonnians could not stand this stain against their honour and took the field again to vanquish this new threat.

How would my Ogres like tinned food?

Friday, 25 May 2018

Video games and the death of miniature painting . . . . A case study . . . . .

 . . . . . i.e. ME!

So for this year I have finished 6 models . . . . and here they are

Last year I sold on or painted nearly 300 miniatures but my painting totals took a nose dive after the new year.

Part of the reason was I wanted to channel this productivity into other things like getting in better shape (which I am slowly doing), and spending more time with the family (which I am really enjoying!).

But another reason is I bought my son one of these for Christmas  . . . . . . .

Monday, 21 May 2018

Moral victories count . . . . 2000 point WHF battle report.

Despite my best efforts I had ended up contesting a tile with Lano for this weeks game in our summer offensive.

I can only imagine the smile on the 'Smiling assassin's' face as he was texting me to tell me the news!

Monday, 14 May 2018

The ballard of the Green Knight. 1800 point WHF battle report

Sorry for the long gap between posts but there is a lot going on behind the scenes at Riotville and I missed the games last week at Lano's due to spending most of the Bank holiday weekend drunk in the sunshine!

Anyway back to business!

Monday, 30 April 2018

Well that was short and (not so) sweet! 2000 pts WHF throw down

With there being 5 generals taking part in the summer offensive this year we have decided to use a rotation system. With Lano not playing last week and Phil missing the next two weekends it was decided that I would sit out this week. . . . .

Then I got a lovely surprise . . . . . . sort of . . . . .

Monday, 23 April 2018

And so it begins! First games of the summer offensive.

This Sunday saw our summer offensive kick off with Lee's Empire and Macca's Undead contesting one table while Phil's Dark Elves and my Warriors of Chaos clashed on the other table.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Scythe at the Creative Biscuit.

This Thursday saw 5 of us throw down in the alternate history world of Scythe.

Tim was desperate to play with his new toys so we walked in to find the board fully set up. Of course he included all the new factions, airships, and map expansion ;0)

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Thank you. 100,000 hits!

So arrived at work this morning to find my little corner of silliness about 28mm soldiers has reached 100,000 hits!

Thanks to anyone who has actually read this drivel.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

No Salute but definately some Shadespire!

With no real need to go to Salute and absolutely no need to buy ANYTHING I decided to give Salute a swerve this year . . . . but this did not stop me going to the post-Salute gathering at Lano's afterwards. And I'm really pleased I did!

Friday, 13 April 2018

Back to Armageddon!

I have been on radio silence for the last week as I have been on hols with the family.

I landed back to the grey skies of the UK yesterday and decided I needed to re-visit Armageddon to blast away the post hols blues.

The plan was to get my Imperial guard kill-team finished while away but the kids are at that age where they always want to be doing something.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Finally . . . Some finished miniatures

Its only taken 3 months but I have finally managed to finish off some mininatures!!!

First up is the Sorceror for my Chaos army for our summer offensive.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Learning fast! 1800 point WHF throw down.

This Sunday saw Lee and I throw down with 1800 points of Warhammer Fantasy.

After the last two 'dubbings' by the Empire I was thirsting for some payback!

Saturday, 24 March 2018

More Scythe at the Creative Biscuit.

With our monthly meeting at the Creative Biscuit being this Friday just gone we decided to pull out Scythe for another round of alternate 19th century history.

Ended up with four of us playing and once again we played with the extended map and the airships.

This game saw me biding my time, cranking up my popularity before dropping my final star as I made a last gasp land grab!

This ended up with me winning the game by 20 odd 'coins'.

On the other table Lano, 2key and Ben were having 'fun' with 'company of iron'.

Next meet will be the 19th of April.

Monday, 19 March 2018

But I'm trying to be good . . . . . . . .

So what I really needed was a year of restraint so I could really clear the 'pile of grey shame'.

Instead I get this  . . . . . . . .
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